University of California question?


Hey CaF!

its been a while since i posted.
anyways, just a quick one since im having trouble trying to find the answers online.
Iv been looking through different universities for exchange.
I really want to go to University of California. (Its been my dream since high school)
However, i dont think i have the GPA to get into UCLA. but i was wondering,
what other UC campuses offer film or design for undergraduates?
and if possible, can you be specific.
e.g UCLA = design and film school

also, does Texas university have a film or design school?

thanks heaps!!


Try John Paul the Great University in San Diego. Here's a link:

My older daughter is a third-year grad student at University of California in San Diego. She will earn her Masters in Stage Management in March, 2011. She's worked all over the U.S. as a stage manager, so she's not just a "professional student."

She has looked into John Paul the Great University as a possible "job opportunity" after graduation, but found that it is not so much a "theater" school as it is a "film" school, which means that it would not be the right place for her to work.

But it sounds like it might be just what you are looking for, since you're interested in film!

Good luck to you--we need more Christians working in films!


There are ten UC campuses. They are listed with links to the individual campuses here:


My boyfriend just graduated with an RTF (Radio, Television, Film) and Government degree from the University of Texas at Austin. It is a REALLY excellent film school, from what he's told me, but very tough. You might have to declare your major as something else for a year, then switch over. Sometimes it can be difficult making it directly into the film school.

Austin is a wonderful place to live, too. I live there right now and am completely in love with the city. It has a large music/art scene, many interesting people, culture, fantastic food. Yes, you'd love it.


Also, if you are looking for a Texas Catholic university, I'm currently a Junior at St. Edward's University in Austin. It is a Marianist University, but I must warn you of a rather liberal nature due to its liberal Austin location.

I really have no complaints; attending St. Ed's was the best decision I ever made. It has a beautiful location, friendly students, great staff. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't have a film department and focuses more on the liberal arts.


The USC School of Cinematic Arts is the premiere film school in the United States. There are many famous professors there, including the inventor of THX. Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith were among it's founders. George Lucas went there, and recently donated $175 million dollars to their program. Since 1973, at least one alumnus has been nominated for an Academy Award and and Emmy every year. Several students have won awards, including Academy Awards, while still students at the school!

If you're truly interested in film, USC is likely where you want to be.


I have a friend who goes to UCR for screenwriting (or something along those lines). Supposedly UCR (Riverside) has a great program for that field, so I'd encourage you to check them out.


thank you all for the replies..
hmm.. yeah! unfortunately the only unis offered on the list for my degree are partnered
with UC, university of texas, university of boston, university of Pennsylvania, university of Georgetown (i think thats the name), Georgia Tech, University of Kansas.
but i was having a look at Boston and Texas apart from UC!! and they look sooooo good!
but, it's really annoying having to find the different campuses of UC that offer film, because apart from irvine which also offers film. I couldn't even find it on the site, when I was searching last. but thats awesome riverside does as well!


Definitely take a look at UT, but keep in mind that it is the largest university in the entire United States. Always a lot of hustle and bustle. I love Austin, and everyone else here does, too.


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