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I am discerning work on a masters degree in theology. Because of where I live, as well as many family and professional responsibilities, I am only looking at programs that offer all or most of their courses in a distance/online format.

The University of Dallas has what looks like a very interesting Masters of Theological Studies program. Does anyone have any experience with this particular program, or with U Dallas in general?

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Hi filiaecclesia,

Just saw your post about the University of Dallas and wanted to give my two cents.

I am a graduate of UD (theology major) and really loved my time there. I was impressed with their approach to theology – it was challenging, respectful and open to critical reflection and discussion. The teachers facilitated worthwhile discussion while also completely respecting and upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church. I learned so much about my faith and why the Church does and believes what it does.

While I can not speak as a graduate/student of their online master’s program in theological studies, I would expect the same approaches would be taken. For students who do not have access to theological education of this nature in their area, I would think this would be the perfect program for them. I did a little searching on the UD website, and found a link to more information on their online master’s degree program: It looks like you should contact Geralyn Rea ( for more information.

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Thanks very much for your thoughts. Someone asked me today about UD’s affiliation, i.e. if the school is affiliated with a particular order or diocese. I recall from the website that it is not. My friend then said, “Well, what is their philosophy, vis a vis the Church?” It appears that the school is fairly “conservative” and faithful to the Church, which you confirmed.

Did you earn a BA or an MA? Are you planning on a further degree?

Thanks again, it’s helpful to hear this from a graduate of the school!


I earned a BA. To be honest, I got a degree in Theology because the subject interested me and not because I wanted to pursue a career in academia or ministry. I always planned to attend graduate school in another area. Now I am working towards a master’s in business administration and am unsure what I will study, if anything, after that. I haven’t totally written off getting an advanced degree in Theology eventually (I am somewhat of a education addict), but right now it isn’t in the plans. If I decide to get another Theology degree, UD would be at the top of my list.

And you are correct, the school isn’t affiliated with a specific order or diocese, although UD is in the Diocese of Dallas and both the Bishop of that Diocese and of the Diocese of Fort Worth are on the Board of Trustees. I would also agree with you that UD is a conservative institution by and large; that being said, I wouldn’t write it off as a place where theology is accepted as it is presented and not discussed and challenged. UD is known for its liberal arts education; I think the critical thinking and discussion that the professors encourage and facilitate speaks strongly of their willingness to dialogue about many theological topics, regardless of the faith or personal beliefs of the students. It was never my experience that the professors imposed their personal beliefs on the students; instead, they presented the beliefs of the Church along with dissenting opinions and facilitated and encouraged dialogue about it. In reality, this approach trains you to be a better theologian and minister of the faith because you will experience these various opinions and critiques in the real world.

Something to note, however, is that the online master’s in theological studies is not an MA. It is an MTS facilitated through the School of Ministry, one of the colleges at UD. While your electives in this degree can probably be taken through Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts (the college that offers master of art’s degrees in Theology), I am not sure that Braniff offers any online education. Hope this helps!


Just as an FYI you should know that there is a Catholic seminary, Holy Trinity seminary, on the campus of the University of Dallas.

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