University of Dallas vs. Franciscan University of Steubenville

Could anybody give me a good comparasin of these two great Catholic colleges as far as faith and academics? Thanks! :thumbsup:

Both had some problems in the past with regard to being faithful to the Church’s teachings, but I’m pretty sure Franciscan University now has their act together and is now faithful to Church teaching. I don’t know that much about the University of Dallas, although I knew one priest who went to seminary there. He said they taught heresy in some of their courses, but he knew better and did what he needed to graduate.

Both are on the Newman Guide.

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I don’t know much about Steubenville, although it seems like a very good school to me. I graduated from UD in 2007, and my experience there was wonderful. I did not come across any “heresy” in the classes, and my understanding of Church teaching was already very well grounded before I joined UD. The study abroad program in Rome was awesome, and the friends I made were great, faithful people who attended daily Mass with me on campus. Of course, not all of the people there were like that. Like in most schools, UD has its many different groups of students. None bad, but just different personalities and interests, and varying levels of interest in Faith formation and growth. I just gravitated toward the types of people who were very serious about their faith.

Oh, and if you (or whoever the prospective student is) likes to sing, they have the most amazing, beautiful choir called Collegium Cantorum. They sing Renaissance polyphony, and such wonderful, faith-filled, traditional Catholic students tend to end up joining. That’s where I made a few of my best friends.

I have friends who are currently attending these colleges.

Both are excellent from a Catholic teaching prespective. Academically, it depends on the program.

One friend chose UD because it had a superior mathematics program. But another went to Steubenville for it’s language program.

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Do you know anything about their science programs? Something that’s important to me is getting a good science education from a Catholic perspective - not that we believe anything about science through dogma, but it’d be nice to appreciate the sciences with a Catholic understanding.

One place that might meet your needs (science + Catholic) is Texas A&M.

That might sound like an off-the-wall suggestion, but Catholic life there is vibrant and faithful. Read the recent piece in Catholic Exchange by George Weigel: Aggie Catholic Renaissance

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