University of Portland: is its theology Catholic?

Does anybody know anything about the University of Portland? It’s supposedly the sister university of the infamous Notre Dame. A family member is suggesting this university to me for future graduate studies and will not be satisfied until I’ve looked into it.

My opinion is that if I haven’t heard of it by now, it’s probably not the kind of university I’d want to attend for training in lay ministry. I’m not sure which lay ministry I’d want to focus on, but I have an interest in catechesis, campus ministry, or even youth ministry, among others.

I want a university where I wouldn’t have to arm-wrestle the professors to get a good, orthodox Catholic education. My tastes run more in the direction of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Benedictine College, the Augustinian Institute, and the like.

I would never attend even Notre Dame, given its reputation. I would have said the same a year ago. If anyone is familiar with the University of Portland, could you chime in on what the atmosphere is, how faithfully they teach the faith, etc.?

Follow-up question: I’ve seen UP referred to as an “independent” Catholic university, whereas Notre Dame, Univ of Dallas, and others are referred to instead as “private”. Any ideas as to what the designation “independent” means?

I would reconsider Notre Dame and look into their ECHO program. It is a program to prepare young people (recent college graduates) for ministry in the Church. During the year you work in a parish and take course work on line and during the summers. In two years you have your MA in Theology and two years of valuable parish experience. Lest you think that only liberals are enrolled, while I am not in the program I am on campus during the summers and I have never seen a more conservative group of young people in one place in my life. They are completely faithful and some even wear chapel veils to Mass. In talking to them some are considering the priesthood or religious life. Also there are many habited religious on campus and there is a Latin Mass on campus as well. The Sunday moring main Mass is wonderful with all the smells and bells and a beautiful choir that sings many traditional hymns (The Sunday night ND Folk Choir Mass has the more contemporary music but also some traditional). Also, the Theology program at ND is not as liberal as you think. There are profs who lean in both directions, but it is basically very good and their library cannot be beat for research.

…But does anybody know anything about U of Portland?

I would like this question answered as well, as i am looking for a decent transfer school after I receive my Associates, same goes for Gonzaga

I don’t know anything about the University f Portland, however, having lived in the Pacific Northwest I know this:

There is a serious need for formation there. When priests actively contradict the consistent teaching of the Church, when priests use their homilies to say the Sacred Scripture is out dates and no longer valid, - there is a problem. Not to mention the CCD teacher that claims there was a female pope!

But that is just a generalization and not reflective of the whole. There are several great parishes on the west coast and thousands of faithful and properly formed Catholics.

My suggestion - go, visit and ask the students and the faculty about their faith and how God is working in their life. Sit in a class and ask questions if they are not clear on what they teach. If something sounds unfaithful - challenge it.

Then come back here and let us know.

I can personally recommend BC - I graduated in 2006. It’s great to go to a school where there is 100+ students going to daily Mass and adoration of their own free will.

God bless.

Justin, ive boucned from Parish to Parish in the portland area until i finally stumbled across (thanks to the internet) Holy Rosary Parish (Good ole Dominicans) and i couldn’t be happier. :smiley: I Agree the need for formation at least in the Arch-Diocese of Portland is very much needed.

I have decided to Attend OIT in Klamath Falls to get my B.S. in Health Infomatics (My Spirtual Director said get a degree like you arent pursuing a vocation and im inclined to believe him)

We’ll keep you in our prayers and don’t forget to have a good time while your there. If there is anything we can do for you and the other students there - please just shoot me an e-mail.

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