University of Victoria Pro-Life Student Club Once Again Denied Funding

By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiVICTORIA, British Columbia, March 18, 2009 ( - University of Victoria pro-life students, who had been fighting for fair treatment from their student union since October 2008, and were finally granted club status and funding by a vote of the Clubs Council…

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Some animals are more equal than others.

Orwell only missed it by about 30 years.

I think these U of V students will be fighting this one tooth and nail. They have a real cause here and I hope their tenaciousness and thoughtful prayers will win. Maybe we should join our prayers with theirs to get recognized…pro-life!

Since when have universities been places for the free exchange of ideas anyways?

It is all about indoctrination now. Maybe it always was.

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