University students promote ''I have sex'' video to support taxpayer funding of Panned Parenthood

Jill Stanek:

Students at Wesleyan University in Middleton, CT, have produced an “I Have Sex” video to support taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. It has already received over 240,000 views (warning, vulgar) in only 10 days…

That video has supposedly spawned students at other colleges to create their own “I Have Sex” videos, such as Bard College, Elmira College, Oberlin College, although they all appear similarly produced, likely by The Coffee Party.

The premise, which so many in America don’t even seem to question, is that taxpayers should pay to enable premarital sex and then pay to alleviate its consequences.

Then there was this March 16 CBS report on a new website by University of Chicago students promoting casual sex. The site connects those interested in hook-ups, what used to be called one night stands…

Interesting. So students having sex want me to pay for the condoms and abortions?

I eat food, so taxpayers should subsidize Krogers.

Well, no. But Jill Stanek would like you to think that.

These students want taxpayers funds to keep being given to Planned Parenthood, so they can have contraception and likely abortion as well.

Rep. John Esp (R-Big Timber) has said contraception was “a matter of personal responsibility” and not the public’s concern or top priority.

Same for abortion. It is arrogant and selfish to think that taxpayers should be funding planned Parenthood because you want contraception, pay for it yourself, Planned Parenthood pay for it yourself, it should not be the taxpayers obligation to bail you out.

University students are, in theory, supposed to be adults. If they want to make an adult decision (having sex), they should be prepared to deal with the consequences. If they can’t afford birth control then maybe they should learn some self-control and stop having sex until they are able to afford birth contol.

I really wish sex wasn’t so heavily promoted in our culture. Too many people today lack self-control and personal responsibility, and those who don’t are ridiculed and made fun of. Cheating and divorce rates are through the roof. So many children are being aborted or born into broken families where their parents are not committed to each other. Half of all babies born in 2007 were born to unwed mothers. The sin of selfishness. It’s disgusting.

The only reason these videos are getting attention is because there aren’t people going around making “I am chaste” videos. The people are un-chaste are always the more vocal sect, even if they are the minority making them seem like the majority. Thats all this is, there are just as many people not having sex out there, and I don’t think Tax dollars should go to a certain proud of people because they had the idea to make some silly videos…

You may have a point but I fear it’s not always that simple. Videos such as these tend to appeal to the baser desires of people. The slogan “sex sells” may be stupid but it’s not without basis in fact. The cheapness of a tactic doesn’t necessarily stop it from working. That and it pulls the typical tactic of mob rule by showing all these people in an attempt to think having pre-marital sex is normal.

I gotta say though that I couldn’t get past the first minute, not only moral grounds but the whole thing was just repetitive and stupid.

Maybe people should go around asking virgin people but don’t look like virgins. I mean I may not be purest mind on these threads but I certainly would never have sex with any girl unless I’m planning to spend the rest of my life with her. :rolleyes:

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