University to student: Endorse being 'gay' or leave

Julea Ward filed suit after she was dismissed from the school’s counseling training for not affirming homosexuality and then refusing to recant her beliefs in “disciplinary proceedings,” according to the Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom.

“Julea did the responsible thing and followed her supervising professor’s advice to have the client referred to a counselor who did not have a conscience issue with the very matter to be discussed in counseling,” French said. “She would gladly have counseled the client if the subject had been nearly any other matter.”

The goal was to have Ward “change her ‘belief system,’ as it relates to counseling about homosexual relationships, conforming her beliefs to be consistent with the university’s views,” the law firm said.

She refused and was given the choice of leaving voluntarily or having a formal review.

ADF-allied attorney Steven Jentzen of Ypsilanti, Mich., is serving as local counsel in the case.

this is a public university. and they want to make acceptance of homosexuality a degree recquirment? i hope she takes them to the cleaners, gets back in the program, and makes that rule go away.

It will soon be illegal to do anything except call call good evil and evil good.

The best solution is to move to the wilderness (e.g. Montana, Oregon, Alaska) and live lives away from these EVIL people.

No, the best solution is prayer and peance - which is what we are called to do!

Pray for the University and the student.

Interesting quote from further down the page:

The student was targeted by the school’s disciplinary process as a result of her decision, and she was “informed that the only way she could stay in the graduate school counseling program would be if she agreed to undergo a ‘remediation’ program … to see the ‘error of her ways,’” ADF said.

Is “remediation program” now the new term for “re-education camp”?

This university must be punished and Susan W. Martin fired.

Where’s the call for tolerance?

Oh wait. Not for Christians.

Where’s the call for inclusivity?

Oh wait. Not for Christians.

Exactly. One of the best ways to get excluded in today’s society is to practise your Christian Faith.

Universities are liberal in name only. They tolerate an increasingly restricted range of ideas. as a result universities will never be a place where the free of exchange is going to happen without a revolution.

There may be a case for affirmative action here in order to re-instill some conservative thought into the faculties, especially in the humanities and social sciences. If ever there was a case for affirmative action, this would be it.
Until then, suffice it to say that the programs in the ‘liberal’ arts will continue to be the same unscientific propaganda that continues to brainwash generation after generation.

They shouldn’t require the student to endorse it but they should permit it and not discriminate either against gays or people of religion, which can coincide you know.

yeah but they didnt permit her belief. she counsled them, never condemed them, and only refered them out when it was directly related to their homosexuality. honestly if the roles were reversed and a gay counsler refused to treat a christian because of their practices and instead reffered them out would the school have cared? would they insisted on a brainwashing/reducation, would they have kicked they gay out? and if they jad wouldnt they gay have already won millions and a public apology in court?

trust me this ‘schoo’ more than permits homosexuality they blatantly favor it in their polocies.

goofyjim…I want to be charitable, but your apparent naivete of the “gay rights” agenda is disturbing. :frowning:

These people ARE evil-functionally and demonstrably evil.

I do not know that we can call people evil, only their actions. One must be careful about their choice of words.

If you are referring the actions of the people here, which I believe is what you really meant, I would agree.

Sorry, I do not mean to sound pedantic, but for me I have to always work to separate the sin from the sinner. This type of exercise is important for me since I can fall into it easily, and that can lead to hate and bigotry.

Is she in contravention of the professional code of ethics?

If she is, that’s one screwed-up “code of ethics”.


  1. she did consul homosexuals about other subjects,only stopping when it was directlt related to the sex stuff and,

  2. she did make a referal to an equally qualified counterpart at the same location that would/could deal with those issues, and

  3. she is only a student not yet a liscensed proffesional

then no i doubt she broke anything except for the ‘schools’ biased rule.

Perhaps you might reconsider that.

Whether being gay is very, very naughty or not, is orthogonal to the regulations that would deal with the handling of the client. She may be in contravention of that area of the code, in other words ‘unprofessional behavior’ and that would be a ‘bad thing’ whatever one’s position on whether gays are very, very naughty or not.

It’s a matter for the court to decide, obviously.

yes but she has freedom of association and a right to a conscience. reffering to an equal counterpart is not typically considered unethical.

From the point of view taking a course of professional qualification, it’s necessary to abide by the ‘professional code’ or, where one doesn’t, to take advice from the department on how to comply with the code - if one refuses to do so, one won’t qualify.

I don’t know whether she did comply with the code or not - and neither do you - I’m just making a guess as to the circumstances given the information available, just like everybody else.

All really depends on the code of professional ethics and whether one wants to be professionally qualified or not.

Oh brother. Why do the courts have to be involved. Court rulings on these matter amount to nothing less than minority rule.

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