Unknown ancient(sacred)geometry


Is this symbol the COMPLETE ancient flower of life? I would appreciate any opinions. thecompletefloweroflife.blogspot.com/ :eek: X


Many pagan writings and such I run across have this symbol on it. How widely is it used, I don’t know. Maybe a pagan that frequents this forum could answer that. Most of the time, I see it in the warm-fuzzy wannabe new ager books and magazines. However, It’s importance may be in its connection with the natural order, the numeric value, and it’s meaning extending in all directions covering the universe.

You didn’t state your purpose in researching this symbol, or even your religious direction, but if it is for meditation by a Christian I would recommend extreme caution. Rather, the Chi-Rho is far more worthy of meditation in that it will lead us to our heart’s ultimate desire, which is Who this symbol represents.


Symbols are merely pictures and have no inherent meaning aside from the one given to them by a group. Many different groups have used the same or similar symbols to mean quite different things. Geometric designs, in particular, are popular among many different groups.


The symbol is a ringed sample of a continious pattern:) X


Many symbols are continuous patterns. They still only have the significance given to them by a specific group in a specific context, not an inherent meaning. Not sure I understand your point, either for the post or the thread in general.

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