Unknown Mortal Sin now known


I was wondering if a baptised non-catholic commits a mortal. But doesn’t know at the time that it was one. And then a long time afterwards realize it was, then becomes a catholic. if that person would have to confess that sin.

I mean if they didn’t know at the time it was a mortal sin (and then would have very well avoided it) would they still have to confess it? (Especially if they were not catholic, or religious).

Thanks, Jammy


Since the sinner did not know the gravity of the act, the sin would not be mortal - mortal sin requires full knowledge of the sinful character of the act. The sin may have been venial for which confession is not strictly necessary. However, the Church “strongly recommends” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1458) that even venial sins be confessed.

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