Unnecessarily doubts

What do I do if I am having doubts about the one True faith for no reason besides that I don’t know enough about another faith?

When you say you don’t know enough about another faith, you mean you have doubt because of not knowing about other religions?

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I used to have these fears. Just learn about other faiths. Learn from their own mouths and evaluate the claims. Don’t be scared!


@JeanLuc, you have created several threads about other religions and doubts along the lines of “How do we know ours is true and theirs is false?”

I suggest reading the Catechism about other religions, and focus on learning more about the Catholic faith.


Why only look at the Catholic perspective? It makes more sense to look at each religions teachings and perspectives. The Catechism provides a biased and very limited amount of information on other religions and their views

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I think that most everyone should know why they believe in their own faith and why they don’t believe in the others. No need to look at every religion in existence, but the basic beliefs of others.

It will ground you in your own faith better. The only ones I recommend to not look are those wavering in their own and don’t understand their own faith. First, ground yourself in your faith…understand why you believe it…then learn about others. It can be interesting and entertaining to learn what others believe.

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If you had a lasagna in front of you, would you doubt that you had lasagna in front of you just because maybe there’s lasagna in some other room that you haven’t checked yet?

You have lasagna right in front of you. Taste and see.

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‘Be not disturbed, dispute not in your mind, answer not the doubts sent by the devil, but believe
the words of God, believe His saints and prophets and the evil enemy will flee from you.’ - The Imitation of Christ


How are you doing with the classes and small groups that I recommended for you to join?

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If you don’t know, you don’t know; that’s just the honest truth of where you’re at and truth is always a good thing, and the right place to start. So explore the claims of other religions. Only as we seek truth do we find it.

I am part of one. However due to the pandemic that makes it hard.

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