Unnecessary work


Due to unexpected circumstances this past week; I totally forgot to do the summer chores that were set for this week. I work full time and it’s a two person job. Is it considered “unnecessary work” if I do them on Sunday?





What chores? How badly do they need to be done?


I work janitorial on the weekends. I bring a cup of Starbucks and snacks. There, now it doesn’t seem like work :blush:


I have pretty bad allergies to dustmites. I need to deep clean my apartment every 6 months or so.


NEVER do unnecessary work !


:thinking:uhhhhh I agree with you…but that is not what I really asked…


Clean it. Your health.


This is true. Unnecessary work is inefficient and wasteful. Better to do what is necessary and do it right!


The OP knows. She is asking whether her example is considered unnecessary work


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