Unofficial celibacy

Has anyone here decided to live what I would call unofficial celibacy? By that I mean one plans on not marrying and does not seek marriage, but is still open to marriage if God “slaps him in the face” and makes it very clear He wants you to marry a certain person.

I’m at a period of uncertainty myself right now, though I imagine my case has no validity to it as I’m only 23 and as such not quite ready for the thought of marriage lol But I’ve felt for quite some time now a strong calling an urging towards looking into the Priesthood. But given that I’ve only attended my first RCIA class, while I keep myself open to the possibility I don’t really feed it with much thought until I finish my RCIA class and wait the mandatory two or three years. At THAT point if I still feel the calling I shall seek a spiritual director to try and help ascertain my vocation. I would suggest speaking to a vocations director. They might be able to help you figure out what God is calling you too. Remember marriage is a sacrament as well and they might be able to help you find out if you are being called to it or not. At least then you might have the wisdom to pursue what your calling is as opposed to waiting on the uncertainty and waiting for God’s next move (while trusting in God to reveal your path for you is certainly not a bad thing) It just depends on whether or not you wish to be proactive or reactive. Neither choice is wrong. God be with you friend in wherever you find yourself called!

I know I don’t want to pursue the priesthood. I love my faith and all the “subject matter,” but I know I won’t be able to handle the stress, and I’m not good with people to people relaitonships/talking. I’m just wondering if anyone accepts this unofficial celibacy as a vocation.

Someone may correct me if I’m wrong on this…but celibacy is the state of being unmarried, and refraining from sexual intercourse. So any man who has discerned that God is not calling him to marriage is, going by this definition, called to celibacy. What you’re referring to is commonly known as the single life of service to the church. If you’re asking if anyone does that, the answer is yes, although it seems that there are a lot more single women in the church than men…but that might not be true; I have no idea.

I have thought about it once. But once i kept a stable prayer life, I felt called to the priesthood

Nah, I’ve openly decided to embrace celibacy and chastity

Yes, I am living a life of “unofficial celibacy”, except mine is taken to a more extreme level. I have not made a “promise” to God about this, but I have said in my heart that I will not marry any woman (and I have been single all my life, never kissed a girl, etc, and may I say, I am VERY handsome, don’t believe me, you can add me on Facebook, search “STEVIN HABBA”).

Anyway, I have chosen one girl to be my girlfriend/wife, she is not my girlfriend at this moment, but I have said to God that if I ever do get married, it would be with this woman, and any other woman I am not allowed to even THINK about taking them as a girlfriend/wife.

So in other words, this girl is my “only exception”, meaning that I will live a celibate life UNLESS this girl wants to be my girlfriend and eventually, wife.

So you are not alone, and mine is a little more extreme, I would’ve lived in official celibacy if it weren’t for this one girl, but I like how things turned out and I still don’t even know if I will be a Priest some day, God is in control, I am praying to Him constantly <3

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