Unofficial Election Thread

Let’s all take a breath and continue with a civil discussion.

It’s a real cliff hanger right now.


I fully admit to finding the “your tears are so salty!” line funny.


This is Fox. I’m a little shocked.

It’s in the bag for Biden.

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Mind probably would be, I’ve been eating quite a few salted almonds while typing.

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I’m surprised that Fox is the only MSM network to project a Biden win in Arizona so far.

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BBC is deliberately still super cautious about updating things:-

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Perhaps we should all take up cooking as a hobby and this forum will be filled with cooking advice and threads about the perfect confit.

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You do not want to be tortured by my cooking, I have the same cooking ability level as my late mother, toast, tea, baked beans, pasta with sauces from packs and boiled eggs and so forth. Beyond that I do not go. My wife’s cooking is infinitely superior, her din-dins today was caramelized onion tart with overcoat (sometimes called fur coat) salad.


Everyone I’ve spoken with today (perhaps 15 adults) wants this all to be OVER. It feels like the pandemic: endless.

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Unless the courts go crazy, Biden won. There’s really not a whole lot to talk about. I just hope the republicans don’t fold like a cheap suit, Mitch better block every piece of legislation they try and put forward.


Why can’t we have a functioning government where they all work together for the good of the country?


Not really, at this point it is more or less a waiting game for final declarations and everything is in a holding pattern.

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Potato chips for me (crisps to you!). I have an addiction: “Hi, my name is Ora, and I am a chip-a-haulic (crisp-a-haulic?)”.

Hah, same with me! My wife has been away on the West Coast since early September on a family matter, and I have been coo…er… poisoning myself ever since. It’s brutal. Last night I got fed up and got some take-out BBQ chicken from a famous (to us) Québec chain. I’m getting too old for greasy food. At 1 am I was up with my stomach a churnin’ and a burnin’. To top it off my brain was also a churnin’ and a burnin’ fretting about the above mentioned family matter, with all the election nonsense as the cherry on top. Extracting myself from between the covers this morning was no easy task. I did 33 km on the stationary bike this aft to try to put everything right.

Now I have to cook again as it’s 6:30 pm when I should be in the kitchen instead of blathering on CAF!

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Me too. It made me spend a few minutes googling “are fake tears more salty than emotional tears?”. Unfortunately I did not become any smarter on the issue. I just wasted 10 minutes learning about the saltiness of tears.

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Hey, wouldn’t that be something.


I’m trying to keep it down to one takeaway or so a week max now as I’m getting older. I ate one a few weeks ago and had similar repercussions. Missus makes sure usually that once per day a salad of some kind encounters my plate to fulfil vitamin needs. Fortunately I don’t love coke so that rules out one common cause of tummy upsets and the only fizzy drinks I do like are hard to find here.

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That’s sad, my friend. Still, I don’t imagine any of us are in the right state of mind to make declarations about the future. I think we’re all just waiting to exhale.

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Mainly because there is no common ground between the two disparate parts of this country anymore. The Dems are going to put abortion protections in every piece of legislation, they’re going to want to give stimulus checks and health care coverage to non citizens, raise taxes, etc. their entire platform goes against the wishes of roughly 50% of the country. For the last 30 years in this country, compromise with the Dems has meant we get nothing, we just don’t give them everything they want, but they still move the ball a little further down the field in the direction they want.

Here’s my terms (for what their worth, which is nothing):

Absolutely no further gun control is brought up on the federal level. The NFA, GCA, and FOPA are all repealed. Income taxes capped at 20%. Abortion issues left up to the individual states along with marriage and transgender issues. 0 immigration for 20 years.

In return I’m willing to give an expanded welfare state, universal healthcare, whatever minimum wage they want, etc.


I want it to be over. But I want it to be done WELL, with excellence and integrity.

Considering that this vote was different than many, with the states each deciding how they would work their mail-in and early voting–it makes sense to me to thoroughly vet the results.

There were lots of ways to cheat during this election cycle–and these need to be sought out, investigated–not to be punitive and to take Biden’s supposed victory away from him, but to make SURE that the procedures for early voting and mail-in voting are tweaked to prevent the same cheating from happening next time.

My husband actually obtained 4 ballots. He did it on purpose just to prove he could–and if he, as honest as he is, could do that, then others with less moral compass could easily obtain multiple ballots. My husband didn’t fill them out–just one (we did advance voting because of uncertainty about how my knee surgery would turn out). But I’m guessing others DID fill out multiple ballots.

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris should WELCOME a thorough vetting of this election–if the election results are not investigated and confirmed, then this Democratic Duo will spend the next four years (or one year in Joe Biden’s case) dealing with doubters who continually harrass them and accuse them of getting into the White House by subterfuge (turn-about is fair play IMO–we’ve all listened to 4 years of constant attacks on Pres. Trump!).

IF everything is on the up and up, then Biden/Harris have absolutely nothing to fear, and MUCH to gain from proving that their critics are just whiners, liars, fear-mongers, and conspiracy theorists.

IF everything is NOT on the up and up…different story.

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