Unpardonable sin


I love the Holy Spirit. For one thing, he is the giver of life. Does this also mean he is the giver of ETERNAL LIFE??? I think YES!

Wasn’t the unpardonable sin a sin against the Holy Spirit? Since he is the giver of life, If I because of using birth control pills in my youth and inadvertently causing a chemical disruption in the uterus and thus causing a fertilized egg to abort… could that be a sin against the Holy Spirit? I’m thinking NO because I didn’t know it was happening that way. But what of women who do know. I don’t want to judge anyone else, that’s not my job… but just wondering if this could be the unpardonable sin???


My understanding is that if you seek God’s forgiveness with a humble and contrite heart, He will forgive you. Always.

Therefore, the only unpardonable sin is the one which the penitent refuses/chooses not to seek forgiveness.

Perhaps once an be so full of despair to be mentally and spiritually deficient to the point where you cannot seek forgiveness.

Others will help clarify this. I hope it is somewhat helpful.

Consult your priest.


There are six sins against the Holy Ghost: despair, presumption, impenitence, obstinacy, resisting truth, and envy of another’s spiritual welfare. Even these are pardonable with proper contrition.

The Baltimore Catechism explains:
Q. 433. What are the sins against the Holy Ghost which Our Lord said will not be forgiven either in this world or in the next?
A. The sins against the Holy Ghost which Our Lord said will not be forgiven either in this world or in the next, are sins committed out of pure malice, and greatly opposed to the mercy of God, and are, therefore, seldom forgiven.


When we obstinately refuse to believe God can forgive us and turn our backs on Him; I understand that to be the unforgiveable sin.


this is how i understand it as well. to the o/p, confess your sin, and you will receive absolution. if the birth control pills were for legitimate medical reasons, it is not a sin.


Yes, the sin against the Holy Spirit is the only unforgibeable sin. However Iconfess that iI have never been able to fully understand what it actually is or entails. I was worried for years trying to figure out what it was and asking every possible priest because I was worried about commit I f it without knowing and did not want to fall into it. The answer one priest gave me was if you are worrying about not commuting it then stop worrying because you won’t commit so I basically stopped worrying about it but I still cannot picture what it entails. Moreover I think very few people actually understand the sin against the holy spirit. I think it would be better for you to ask a priest as this kind of sin is not properly understood by most people.


i think if you reject God’s gratuitous offer of salvation, and die, that is the unforgivable sin.


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