Unpredictable scenes in films

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I would like to ask about some films which can contain unpredictably violent or immoral scenes. Before I start watching a film, I usually check the Catholic bishops’ review, but I cannot do this in all cases.
What if I start to watch an action film, which seems to be harmless, (except for a few shootings) and then extremely violent scenes come (like too much blood, the type of killing shown closely in the camera) or some immoral scenes (naked women, flirting with bad intentions,etc.)
If no one informed me about the film before, and I did not read reviews from Catholic sites, these can easily happen, and I would like to know if you think I should stop watching the films at that point.
Also, if I start watching it as someone’s offer or if I’m someone’s guest, and it happens and I don’t want to hurt them, what shall I do?

I have one more question not connected to this. My native language is Hungarian, but as in a huge part of the time I use English (I’m an English teacher and have an English-speaking boyfriend as well), I feel more comfortable sometimes saying prayers in English. Do you think it can have any drawbacks or God listens the same way even if I pray in a different language apart from my native one? I feel very close to God when praying in English.

Thank you in advance for your help and your answers, God bless all of you!:slight_smile:

If it is a well known immoral film, then just kindly decline and/or perhaps offer a different film to watch. However, if it is just a random scene that was completely unexpected, what I do is just look away, or pray some Ave Maria’s. Just don’t give in to lust.

God Bless,


Pray in whatever language strikes you: Hungarian, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English, Klingon…whatever. The Lord came to save all regardless of their language or the color of their flesh.

Thank you very much for your answers!May God bless you!

I think if you know ahead of time the movie is immoral, don’t watch it… if you don’t know and something immoral comes up, then look away. If it happens often, best to turn it off or walk away. But it’s different if you really didn’t know the movie would be like that.

Regarding praying, you can pray in whatever language you want, it doesn’t change the effectiveness of the prayer at all.

God bless! :slight_smile:

I have the same kind of problem with many shows in which God’s name is used in vain.
I end up praying through most of the show by saying a Hail Mary each time it is done.
I like to pray in Spanish. The prayer to the Guardian Angel is especially meaningful to me. You can pray in any language or no language.

Thank you for your answer!If I know the movie is going to be that way, I like to refuse watching it anyway, if I don’t know, I perfectly agree with you that when immoral scenes come up more than once, I must stop watching it.

It feels great that I can pray with the same effectiveness in a language which is not my mother tongue, I am very much used to English so I feel closer to God this way.

May God bless you!:slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers!Yes,I can underdstand as I feel very bad too when the Name of God is used in vain and even if I know it is needed to understand some situations or different people from us, when it is used repeatedly, I prefer not going on watching the film.

Many times the heart is praying and not words, but I love to say the Our Father prayed as the Lord Jesus Christ taught it to us.

God bless you!:slight_smile:

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