Unpreparedness for a Pandemic

I would like to see evidence that you were more prepared than the people you accused of being unprepared


Do you mean the study that came out in October that yes, said the US was better prepared, but that it also was underprepared. That is, we’re the least unprepared, and it identified several important shortcomings.


The latest news states that after the N1H1 scare the stockpiles of n95 Medical Masks were not replenished (under Obama). The MSM will omit that though.

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The study says what it says - that the US was the best prepared. It’s been reported as the US not being perfect. That’s no surprise: no nation is perfect.
However, the fact remains that the US’ preparedness was better than other nations, and was cited in response to the suggestion of “how unprepared” the US was.

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And here I thought the Washington Post is part of the MSM. My bad.

Me too. Usually is, right?

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re: lawyers – there are legal specialties in everything.

Physicians and lawyers are much more educated than the average citizen, and they watch everything that goes on, the lawyers looking for angles on lawsuits for misfeasance or dereliction of duty. Certainly the news that the virus had spread to every province of China and that there were lockdowns should have been clues to what has in fact come about.

Certainly the President’s brash remarks that the pandemic was a hoax should have been a red-pill moment about what was really coming our way, coupled with his self-congratulatory remarks that the epidemic was under controil.

The Pres wants to be re-elected and his performance is being closely watched. The consequences of Trump’s defeat in November will be long lasting, such as the effects of more liberal or left-leaning judges to the supreme court and other federal courts. There’s a lot at stake and Trump seems too overconfident, too much involved in overriding doctors (by suggesting drug therapies), etc.

As an independent voter I voted for Trump, but I am not supportive of all his policies. The big corporations just got big tax cuts a year or two ago, but now these same companies need a bailout and stimulus running into the billions of dollars. That too much, in my view.

The unpreparedness for a pandemic, exemplified by the lack of adequate testing supplies and personal protective equipment, along with a lack of hospital beds, staff, and special equipment like ventilators seems inexcusable. The las couple threats like SARA, MERS, influenza,and H1N1 were all respiratory diseases which is a big hint as to what the nation should be prepared for.

My point is, who among the intellectual elite are doing due diligence to keep the government on track. It’s another example, on a large scale, of a lack of situational awareness of outbreaks of disease. Recently we heard about a teenage boy who discovered a planet. Many professionals missed that. That’s my point, how much does it take to keep this country on track, even if we have a President whose attitude that the pandemic was a Democratic hoax, just another partisan attack rolled up with the Russian probe and the impeachment adventure.

We have highly paid academics in law schools, medical schools, public health schools and agencies – it seems these people need to display some patriotism and speak out against the government, even on an emergency basis, on problems that affect all of us.

With a population of 328 million, the US had 4,000 c-v test kits. What is wromg with that picture? The danger spills over in the subject right now of rationing health care, violating the rights of elderly persons with chronic illnesses (like myself) when the “hard decisions” have to be made about who gets treatment and who does not.

To be fair, we had 8 long years in the prior administration, even after the onslaught of H1N1 and Ebola, to amass kits and preparation. President Obama declared an emergency four months after the WHO declared it. Really? Not exactly a lightning fast response.

And they called President Reagan the “teflon president.”

Look, this blame game is lame. It’s really old. Drive a stake in its heart and bury it.



:blame game is simply a cliche which solves nothing. I worked in the nuclear power industry and we had an organized emergency preparedness team, and we had training and drills.

That’s the cold, unemotional reality of being prepared. Cliches are not helpful. The outcome of emergency drills are lesson learned. It is playing dangerously to assume that “oh that will never happen” – until it happens. What have we learned?

The scenario developers for the emergency preparedness drills had a free hand to pose questions like, What if this happens or What if THAT happens. Those hyupothetical questions need to be asked and not shoved into a shredder for political reasons.

Blaming lawyers for a pandemic?

I’ve officially seen everything.

OK, so lawyers “are better educated” and “see what’s going on?”

Why not blame the accountants too? I mean they’re better educated than everyone else too.

None of the covid-19 pandemic is a legal problem, and, respectfully, your post looks like “let’s blame somebody, anybody.”


Things are going to happen in life that no one expected. We cannot simply stockpile huge warehouses of medical equipment that isn’t immediately needed and have it sitting around on the off chance that a respiratory virus might suddenly infect half the planet. This is an unprecedented situation.

I don’t see how whining about “the government” helps. I don’t rely on “the government” for everything in life. I’m sure they will learn from this situation and be better prepared next time. “Blame games” are not productive and I don’t see any government in the world doing much better from a preparedness standpoint. Muting this thread now.


Are you saying anyone educated beyond high school is intellectually elite

What about the preppers, they warned everyone some type of disaster was on its way. Did you listen to them. I laughed. Wish now I had stored up some essentials like chocolate, :grinning::microbe:

When the rubber hits the road, and it has, noone in any country can stop this virus. Politicians have words, not instant cures and quick fixes. I have a thread on covid 19 I started in January, it was bad in Wuhan, but never would I have thought today I have been almost a month in a form of lockdown, I cannot even go inside a Church, let alone attend Mass, and my friends and family would have lost jobs, and this virus will likely head the globe into a depression style economy. So here you go, I am warning you now, being educated beyond high school, store some cash at home. Why? Based on the toilet paper hoarding, if and when the economy crashes due to Covid19, there will be a run on banks, they run out of money or close their doors so they are not cleaned out. We will have to eat. No jobs, no atms, no applepay, it will all be down to cash and gold to pay for food. Would any politician tell you that? Or would they be scrambling to prevent that atm.

From where I sit, patiently at home, it looks like the G20. or whatever it is, G8 ? Is meeting right now as I type this, is scrambling to prevent that run on banks and bread costing a wheelbarrow full of cash.

Look at the Spanish flu, within hours of getting it you were either close to dead or would survive.

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And to be fair, how many times have the experts warned us the sky was falling, only for the touted disaster to never actually show up?

I’ve seen people I know, like family and friends, work themselves into an absolute snit oover pending disaster, disease, blizzards, etc, only for nothing to happen. Or it turns out to be a minor inconvenience.

At the same time, I lived through hurricane Sandy and lost power for five days.

But for every Sandy, there’s like twenty unfounded panics. That’s why I don’t race to the grocery store every time the TV says “panic”.

I do, however, keep the house stocked at all times.


Basically what I am saying is right now the members of that G 20 group are meeting to discuss the virus and its impact on the global economy. Lets see what solutions come out of that.

The so-called intellectual elite are doing their best to keep the government on track in terms of potential emergencies, but there are just too many potentials to be prepared for.

Years before Katrina, the Corps of Engineers had warned that the wall should be rebuilt, at the same time that others were urging preparation for a pandemic we did not know the symptoms or scope of, while others urged more preparation for large-scale accidents, and others for EMP attacks, and another group for wildfire preparedness, and another for tornado preparedness, and another for hurricane… and yet another for earthqauke…

We can not be fully prepared for all of them, just as many Americans do not have a huge supply of face masks at home, and generators, and extra gasoline, or even extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Hindsight is 20/20.

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Unfortunately people who have access to gloves and face masks steal them to take home to their families. The ones who say ‘we don’t have enough’ have a stash at home.

Just before the school shut downs happened, a school nurse I know came in to work one morning to find all her boxes of gloves gone (they don’t have masks in school).
They had been in an unlocked closet.
She says from now on she’ll lock them up.

I’m hearing too much of that.
One lady, washing her car at the car wash, wearing a mask and latex gloves. Like come on.

If you are worried about touching the gas pump, key pads for paying for stuff, the wand at a car wash, use a dog poop bag on your hand and throw it out before getting into your car.

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Could you kindly explain what this means? I know what the Noahide laws are, and I have some acquaintance with Chabad Judaism. What is the connection with the “end of Christianity as we know it”?

Thank you.

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