Unread list acting strange


I’ve noticed over the last few days my unread list acts strange. What happens is sometimes for a while the unread list will be missing some threads. Then suddenly they will be back. I know this because there are some threads that I am not really keeping up with that stay in my unread list. I notice this both on the unread page and on my unread count when I click on the menu my icon in the upper right corner (see image below).

Is anyone else having this issue?

25 PM


I’ve noticed the same.


No, but my undread list says about 168+

I should dismiss them


I’m a little worried I may be on the dread list! :smile: But yes, you should dismiss some. Me too. Otherwise we’ll end up like my wife with unread emails from ten years ago she just can’t let go of. :crazy_face:


That’s funny, I didn’t notice that till just now when you quoted it.
Ah well, I’m famous for my typos.


I had the same problem a couple of days ago too.

Thought I was stuck in the twilight zone because evey time I clicked on unread there was no unread threads! :open_mouth:

Reminds me when I was booking a rental car online, the comfirmation report returned back stating that I had ordered the rental car in the year 1800!

I would have had to wait 3 years to travel on this, if I booked in 1800. :rofl:


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