Unrest in St. Louis After Police Officer Shoots, Kills Man






In my opinion, the mob of “peaceful protestors” have gotten so filled up with rage and hatred, that the police could shoot an escaped convict with an arsenol of weapons, in the process of taking a preschool hostage and if the guy was black, they would still call the cop a murderer. That’s how completely blind with hatred people are right now, and the media is getting their jollies off of fuling the fire. This isn’t the St. Louis I know.


I’m inclined to agree to all of this. First of all, I haven’t lived in St. Louis for a long time, but when I did, it was my clear impression that race relations were pretty good generally; much better than in KC where I lived before that.

But I have lived in SW Mo for many years now, so I can’t be too confident saying “this isn’t the St. Louis I know” anymore. But it’s difficult for me to think it has gone as sour as the media wants to make it.


I lived in KC for four years while I attended school. I agree that race relations are infinately worse there as is the inequity between whites and blacks as far as education, living conditions, and employment, not to say the least of treatment by the legal system.

I think there are legitimate complaints of corruption of our police force and racism is one of them. However, making a violent criminal a poster child for the cause of ending racism in the police force is a very unwise idea. It’s done nothing but spark ugly, hateful racism in both whites and blacks and devide a community that really has come a long way in the last two generations.


Angry protesters yell at riot police in St. Louis


Tensions high as more protests planned in Missouri




St. Louis Protesters March Under Array of Banners

ST. LOUIS — They came from places far from Ferguson, Mo., states like California, New York and Oregon. And while the story of a white police officer’s shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson in August was what drew throngs of people to the St. Louis area for a weekend of protest, some also came with sweeping messages about income inequality and the minimum wage, race relations, immigration policy and distrust about police procedures nationwide.


My sentiments exactly.



I believe that a communist agenda is behind it.

"The preachers of Communism are also proficient in exploiting racial antagonisms and political divisions and oppositions." - Divini Redemptoris


I can guarentee that at least 99% of these protesters have no interest in a communist agenda. Half of them probably don’t know what communism means.


Probably, though that brings to mind the term “useful idiots”.


These people are not protesters and the gatherings are not protests, at least not the night gatherings. They are rioters and riots. These people spit on the police, curse at them and yell other hateful things and throw things at them. That is not at all peaceful protesting. It needs to stop and the people need to go back home to their own cities. They are hurting the entire region here and it needs to stop.


I have begun the practice of :thumbsup: to every policeman I pass.

They are showing incredible patience with these hooligans who are throwing knives and rocks at them, who are breaking the windows of small businesses, robbing and looting.

I can’t even stand on the sidewalk outside PP here, but these people are allowed to overrun private property and hold it hostage. Businesses have had to close for fear of violence. People can’t get to work because the streets are blocked.

I’d like to see black on black crime addressed. There are more blacks being killed by blacks in this city than by any other means. Not to mention maiming and random shootings.

Where is Obama in all of this? He should be here telling people they could be president.


The protesters are being encouraged by the media to do what they are doing. And the ones who control the mainstream media are the ones who I believe have a communist agenda.


That may be true,but some of them,such as the middle-class whites,have been influenced by marxist attitude and feeling,which they probably caught in college. They are typically marxist in their attitude toward the police,their joining in with angry mobs,and stirring up class and racial hostility.

Rational people don’t speak and act like they do whenever they hear that a police officer shoots a person and a community is angry about it. They don’t assume that it was murder and that the community is being abused by the police.


For the first round of protests, some special interest groups did seem to go there. However, this is a tragedy. I hope the protests are peaceful.


The vast majority of the current protesters are from out of town. They are arriving by the busload. Most natives really don’t believe that this guy shot the cop with a sandwich. Originally, lots of St. Louisians could go along with this, as most people, black and white, have witnessed outrageous and corrupt behavior by the scores of different police forces running around our community. But right now, the claims of the protesters have gotten so outrageous regarding these two “victims”, both of which were violent criminals who couldn’t have cared less who got hurt as long as they were free to engage in their shenanigans, just simply can’t be supported by anyone who feels an obligation to reality.


"Weariness of Ferguson protests grows

Brian Fletcher loves Ferguson. He brags about it, he rattles off historical facts about it and, as the former mayor, he feels the urge to stick up for the city and its people.

And right now, he says people are tired of the constant protesting, tired of the noise and tired of feeling intimidated.

That’s the exact reaction many protest leaders said they are hoping for.

It’s been nearly 70 days since Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, 18."…

Blue excerpt above taken from entire article here: stltoday.com/news/local/metro/weariness-of-ferguson-protests-grows/article_d3260f13-d07d-592e-841b-3618d1ecbd5a.html


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