Unscented baby powder?


Attention all moms & dads out there: Is there any widely-available brand of unscented talcum powder out there?

All the baby powders I can find smell like, well, baby powder. All the non-baby talcums are medicated, so you smell like you’re trying to smuggle cough drops.

Given the proliferation of non-scented personal grooming products out there, due to allergies, why is there no such proliferation of talcum? Is there nobody allergic to the scents there?

I haven’t seen a bottle of unscented talc since my QM gave me my last bottle of foot powder years ago.

Thanks in advance, folks.


P.S. Don’t suggest the old home remedy of toasting flour in the oven. That’s too much like work. :smiley:


Hope you aren’t planning on using baby powder on a BABY.
Pediaticians have been advising against it for at least two decades.
Use can lead to pulmonary issues in this life of highly “allergic” living.

However, for you, for adults?
Use cornstarch. Effective for many generations.


Very first link from google, article from 1981:



I use CornStarch. It feels soft and no smell to sneeze at:)


Yep, use cornstarch. Talc is bad for the lungs.


I’ve also heard of talcum powder use in the genital region (adult and infant/child) being linked to later reproductive cancers.

Best to go with cornstartch, IMO.


Wowsers. I had no idea. I’ve been using talc in one form or another (baby powder, Gold Bond, Dr Scholls, army foot powder) almost all my life, to prevent blisters, athlete’s foot, and chafing.

Thanks for the heads-up, guys.

I think I might switch to corn starch.


Hmm, I have no corn starch in the pantry. I do have Corn Flake crumbs…:shrug:


Ha! You’d def be a ‘crunchy’ mama then, lol!


If no cornstarch is handy; try taking a frying pan out and putting 1/2 cup of flour in it. Heat it slowly to warm and brown. Keep stirring it! Once lightly brown take away from heat. Cool. Keep in air tight container. Use the same as corn starch. It works just as well;)


or just go to the grocery store and get some from the baking needs aisle… I am too lazy to cook flour…


Not only that but it is relatively inexpensive. Gee, I get a box of it for under $1.00 from Wal-Mart (their brand). I use a lot of cornstarch as I am highly sensitive to wheat and don’t eat any or use any in any form for myself. I use it as a coating for meats where flour is required.

I used cornstarch on my babies all the time. For those mama’s with new babies, just go get a large salt shaker and put it in that for use on babies bottom and other areas.

Oh, and for you, get a round rubbermaid container and the largest make-up puff you can find. Works really well for me:D.

Brenda V.


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