Unsung hero, journalist, martyr: Fritz Gerlich on way to canonization

A journalist, a martyr, and now on his way to beatification and canonization: Fritz Michael Gerlich.

Being a Catholic journalist and native Bavarian myself, this guy is my new role model – an unsung hero who bravely stood up against Hitler, pouring scorn and ridicule on the Nazis in his own newspaper – right in the middle of 1930s Munich. Till they came to arrest him, beat him up, incarcerate and finally after an ordeal in jail (the cell is still used by police in Munich today!) took him to Dachau concentration camp where he was shot in 1934. Sources in the Munich Archdiocese have now confirmed that he is likely on the way to beatification.

He is also closely linked to the controversial mystic and stigmatic Therese Neumann aka “Resl of Konnersreuth”.

Thank God for such a beautiful and brave person. I hope that by the grace of God is canonized as a saint.

Grüß Gott!

Happy to hear from you, Anian. Ten or so years ago I had the joy of visiting München for Christmas and the dolorous experience of Dachau a few days later. The Kristkindlmarkt I miss. Dachau, not so much.

How good it is that an unsung hero is getting recognition. Many souls were brave and heroic before perishing, and their stories are untold.

May (Servant of God?) Fritz inspire and pray for us.

God bless.

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