Unsure of how to handle a situation

I moved into a small retirement community 2 years ago. A woman found out I was a Catholic and showed interest in joining the Church. I was very excited and started discussing RCIA, etc. being a convert myself. She asked me to be her sponsor and started attending RCIA. She missed quite a few classes so did not get to enter the Church with the rest of her class. She eventually finished and was confirmed in June of last year.
After becoming Catholic she would miss Mass quite a bit for various reasons that were not legitimate . I have found out since that she has a drinking problem which doesn’t help.
Anyways. That is a little background. My problem is she has now become involved with a man that has separated from his wife but is still married. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated. She has avoided me since this relationship started but this is a small community and I know we will run into each other at some point.
I feel responsible as her sponsor to not just ignore this grave sin. But how would I handle this? I do not want to be judgemental or come off as “holier than though.” I have made mistakes in my past like all of us.
Any thoughts or suggestions on how to handle this (or not handle it) would be greatly appreciated.
God’s blessings

I wouldn’t say anything at all. She is an adult and since she is avoiding you she likely knows you do not approve.

That is a tough one.
As her sponsor, it would be kind of you to make sure she knows what the church expects.
You could invite her out for coffee, and just say it’s a follow up visit to see if she has any questions about the faith. You could suggest she visit this website if she has questions, also.
There were things that were not addressed in my RCIA that I only learned about later. It’s a long process.
In the process of chatting, she may bring up her dating life, and you could mention that for our own protection, the church has certain rules, like not dating men who are still married. It’s not just an arbitrary rule, it’s to protect people from painful situations.
Of course she may continue to avoid you, in which case you can pray for her.
But you can address it as making sure that any questions she has have been answered. I wouldn’t zero in on her failings, because as you say, which of us doesn’t have them.

Been in this exact situation myself and I can tell you that saying something ended the relationship completely. However, I felt just as you do, somewhat responsible given the new relationship she has with the Church and thought that possibly she thought that this was OK because of the man’s separation. The laws of our Church regarding marriage are a little difficult for someone to know completely unless explained, so I did. For me this was the right thing to do, I prayed for God’s guidance and know He was with me through it all. I will pray for you to be guided by His Hoy Spirit too.

Thanks to all of you for your input. I will keep praying and if the Holy Spirit arranges a time and moment to speak, I hope He will guide me with the right words.

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