unsure of mortal sin

hey ,im 14 and am prone to fall into the sin of masturbation.I read that it is a venial sin when the person is an adolescent.I have fallen into this sin lately and have gone for communion twice since as i thought being an adolescent would make it a venial sin.
i would like to know if masturbation is a mortal sin for me and if i have recieved the eucharist unworthily.answers appreciated as i am quite nervous.
many thanks,

Certainly such is “grave matter” for mortal sin.

“Being an adolescent” does not in itself mean that it is not a mortal sin.

But is it possible that there could be reduced guilt for various reasons? Yes there* could perhaps be * --ones confessor can guide one in judging (such of course is not an excuse to continue …one still needs to reject it and repent).

In any case …one needs to “repent” and firmly resolve not to do so again. And avoid near occasions of such.

(And if one falls in the future one is to do the same)

Ones confessor can assist one with advice in the Sacrament of Confession.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd and he loves you! In him (and hence in confession) is true life!

Take heart --he loves you.

Make sure to read the various WYD addresses by Pope Benedict XVI

Make sure you read the messages from world youth day with Pope Benedict XVI :slight_smile:






Make an act of contrition out of love now --and then bring the whole matter to the Priest in confession (*and wait for Communion)

Ok,thank you for the advice will make act of sorrow and get to confession,

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