Unsure on the protocol (Penance)


I receive the Sacrament of Penance fairly frequently. When I first came back to the faith, however, I think there were two occasions that I confessed all sorts of things, although in both instances the priest said that I was just kind of “covered” for all the stuff in the past and didn’t have to sweat the details.

Sometimes, something I recall comes up. Now that I have it in mind, is it something that I need to confess although my various confessors told me I was covered?

I ask this because I feel it is different from forgetting a mortal sin in the confessional and then remembering it and confessing it later. I at least perceive it as different because in both circumstances my priest did not expect a listing of past sins, and really seemed to just hear what I had to say for the sake of my own conscience.


As humans, our memories are not perfect. As long as you didn’t deliberately withhold something, you are “covered.” If you later remember something, it’s a matter of judgement whether to bring that up. For example, suppose you remember a sin that caused some monetary damage to someone. You may want to raise it to receive guidance on how best to compensate that person, not because you don’t think the sin was forgiven.


Since our sorrow is universal, it includes all of our mortal sins. As sins are remembered that were not told before, then next time they should be included to make the confession integrally complete. (All mortal, in number and kind.)


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