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I am looking to study the New Testament. I want a comprehensive yet approachable commentary to help guide me. I have started reading the Haydock commentary and I am on the beginning chapters of Matthew. I have read the New Testament in entirety but I want a deeper understanding of it. I want to retain the information I learn and I am willing to put in a great amount of effort. I would greatly appreciate suggestions.


I did a little bit of research and I found some useful websites. Of course, I have trouble discerning how useful and faithful these websites are.

I was wondering about Agape Bible Study agapebiblestudy.com/matthew_gospel/Matthew_Lesson_2.htm


I cannot recommend the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible enough. It is wonderful! I use it and Haydock’s.



For different points of view, for around $30 each, you can get a copy of each: The Jewish Annotated New Testament, which looks at all of the NT from a Jewish point of view. Then, The Orthodox Study Bible contains an English translation of the Septuagint for the OT text, and it has a some, but not an overwhelming number, of study notes and cross references – for a perspective from the orthodox Church.

Commentaries are the next higher level of study aids for scripture study, which often review the meaning of scripture on a verse-by-verse basis.

The old Anchor Bible series is authored by Catholic and non-Catholic experts, and the volumes are often very intensive studies of scripture.

The Ryrie Study Bible has an anti-Catholic perspective and viewpoint, but often has a very helpful footnote or essay to expand on a topic, as the authors choose.

There are many threads on this website about this subject.


What I have found useful is reading from The Jerusalem Bible, the ones with extensive footnotes and cross references. Then when you come across scriptures that you want to understand more fully, newadvent.org/fathers has commentary from John Chrysostom, and Haydock’s is very good too. The Ignatius new testament mentioned from Scott Hahn is good, but sometimes goes into more current understandings that are not really supported by the Early Church. Could be a little speculative at times, but is still pretty useful. But I can’t stress the beauty and effort put forward in the original Jerusalem Bible, it is probably one of the main reasons for my conversion to the Catholic Church.


If you are looking for additional commentary, look at Copland’s website. It has many historical Catholic commentaries.


Also, check out the old Rheims New Testament.

Rheims New Testament

Here are the Old Testament volumes.

Douay Old Testament, Vol. 1

Douay Old Testament, Vol. 2


Some of the resources I use to prepare my weekly Scripture study are below. They are all affordable (because I’m not rich) and accessible (because I’m no scholar). I recommend all of them unreservedly:

Ignatius Catholic Study Bible
Navarre Bible and Commentaries
Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (Mary Healy, et al editors)

Someone was wondering about the orthodoxy of the Agape Bible studies. They are quite orthodox and easy to use. Besides, they’re free. :slight_smile:

You can find info about these and other resources at my website, linked below.

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