Something has been bothering me lately.

I used to have a short-term problem with masturbating. I’ve pretty much stopped now, but when I wake up I’m not sure if I’ve committed it while sleeping, during my dream, half-asleep, or with full consent. It’s all blurry.

Because I thought that I was not absolutely sure of the potential mortal sin, I have taken in the Eucharist that following Sunday. It was kind of forced, a priest said to accept the body of Christ unless I was ABSOLUTELY sure I was guilty.

The next week I wasn’t so sure if I made the right decision, so I didn’t take the Eucharist that Sunday and then went to confession. I talked to the priest about my uncertainty about my potential sin and talked to the priest about it I didn’t really make it clear to the priest, so when he said “May God forgive the sins that you even forget” so I witheld fully explaining it.

But I also know that withholding a sin in confession is very much a sin. However, I still took in the Eucharist that Sunday.

I’m sorry, I’m very confused. I don’t know whether I’m making very wrong decisions or being scrupulous (something I’m pretty sure I had)

What do you think?

You can’t commit sins in your sleep. If you were half asleep you didn’t have full consent. If a priest who is reasonably trustworthy told you to receive communion unless absolutely certain you committed a mortal, than you should do that.

You can’t commit a mortal sin in your sleep. But to put your mind at rest, I suggest talking to a priest at Confession about this, and don’t hide anything, and explain what happened at your last Confession too. God bless :slight_smile:

As long as a priest does not tell you to do something contrary to Church teaching then you should trust and obey him.

I wouldn’t bother worrying about it.

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