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Would someone kindly tell me the about the unusual cross that a lot of anti-catholic sites call the ‘crooked or twisted cross’ which the various Popes carry.
I usually don’t give creedence to this type of site, but stumbled upon it and need some help understanding. The same sites also criticized the ‘inverted cross’ and I found some logical responses to that in the forums but can’t find answers to this particular item which to a non-catholic does seem a bit unusual.
Thanks for any help.



the challenges are the corpus is not very human-looking (i think good because it shows how disfiguring sin is), and the cross is bent which some say is a satanic or pagan symbol (i think it is awesome, representing the weight of sin being THAT heavy).

as for inverted crosses, that started in the stage of the reformation where they needed to find any reason they could to make the church look evil. inverted crosses are the symbol of St Peter who was crucified that way. i could see though how it would be disrespectful to put a crucifix with Jesus on it upsidedown.


The poster above mentioned this but here’s a link about St. Peter:

“It is certain that Peter died in Rome and that his martyrdom came during the reign of Emperor Nero, probably in 64. Testimony of his martyrdom is extensive, including Origen, Eusebius of Caesarea, St. Clement I of Rome, St. Ignatius, and St. Irenaeus. According to rich tradition, Peter was crucified on the Vatican Hill upside down because he declared himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord…His symbols include an inverted cross, a boat, and the cock.”


I think it is pretty obvious that Pope John Paul II was not a Satan worshipper! I don’t know how to look this cross up on Catholic sites because it must have a different name. “Bent cross” only brings up weird sites. I did find this Protestant site that investigated the “bent cross” and defends the Catholic Church:


That’s one person’s attempt to debunk the theory. You should “ask an apologist” for the best answer.


If I remember correctly, the first time I saw this cross was when it was carried by Pope Paul VI just after VII when everything just had to be MODERN. It caused some controversy that I remember because it was so MODERN. It has no other connotation to my knowledge.


It is a beautiful work of art. It truly symbolisms the believed suffering of Christ on the cross.


Here check this link. shasta.com/sphaws/invertedcross.html


Thank you for each of your replies, it was most helpful.

I have since discovered that the crucifix was created by an American sculptor named Gib Singleton from of Santa Fe.

The following link is a news article regarding him.

Again thank You


To me, it represents an artistic metaphor.

Why is the Cross bent?

Hey, Christ bore the sins of the whole world. And the Cross bore Him. Wood flexes when subjected to heavy loads, and this must have been the heaviest load ever!

Also, when we are sad, we tend to droop. If wood had feelings, imagine how “sad” this crossbeam would have been (especially since other wood had been pressed into “happier” forms of service by the Carpenter). A little anthropomorphic artistic license, maybe?


I just want to thank everyone on this thread for the good info…I had not run up against this kind of complaint about the papal crucifix until recently. When I did, I was rather bewildered, since I had always liked it…As others have said, it just looked to me like it was expressing the weight of sin that Jesus bore to the cross…
(I think :rolleyes: some of these people who are putting out the false material :tsktsk: seriously need to get a life!)


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