Unusual film, documentary, "God Grew Tired of Us"

It was made in 2007
but I caught it now on HULU.

“God Grew Tired Of Us” follows some young men who
escaped from Sudan in childhood and then came to the States as young adults.

I really enjoyed it. I thought it was sad how people in that neighborhood were afraid of them and they were told not to go places as a group. This type of fear of difference is rampant in the US sadly.

Yes, a beautiful movie.
Told me so much more than I’d ever heard about
the Lost Children of Sudan. Remarkably courageous young people!

Here is the link to the documentary, so that others who read this thread and are interested in seeing the movie can watch it.

God Grew Tired of US (2007)


Happy New Year and God bless!

Many thanks and
Happy New Year!

Great film!

This is a great movie! We used to show parts of it to the class when I was a Geography teacher.

There are so many great scenes. I love the scene where they visit the grocery store and ask if the sprinkles on the donuts are beans.

I also really love the way they react to Christmas customs and how one of the main characters beautifully longs for Christmastime at home. In your face, preachy celebrity song “Do they know its Christmas time at all”! He talks about how the trees are very nice and santa is very funny, but at home Christmas was about preparing your heart to recieve the King.

It is also a real tear-jerker, so be warned.

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