Unusual prayer at mass

I visited a large catholic church a couple of weeks ago. When the prayers of the faithful were offered, the reader said something like, “We thank You for our gay and lesbians members that serve so faithfully in our church.” I was startled to say the least, Am I right to assume that this was wrong to do? (By the way, I would have found it odd if the reader had used the term “heterosexual” in the prayer.)

In your opinion, would it have better to not pray for them?

IMHO, it seems unnecessary to make the distinction of their (or anyone’s) sexual orientation, as it is unrelated. It seems like they had an agenda and were trying to make a point.

Why would there be any special mention of sexual orientation offered? No, I don’t believe gays and lesbians are special and need to be singled out for their work, anymore than heterosexual people who serve in the church do.

So, we shouldn’t pray for them?

No, not in that kind of context. I pray for gays and lesbians that they will obey the Church’s teachings on their proper conduct within society (that they will be chaste). But, as a general prayer such as that, I feel that it was out of order.

Ok, just to be clear. You think that there are people whom we should exclude when we offer up the Prayer Of The Faithful in Mass?

Perhaps I am misreading this from the USCCB?

In the Universal Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful, the people respond in some sense to the Word of God which they have received in faith and, exercising the office of their baptismal Priesthood, offer prayers to God for the salvation of all.

It goes on to recommend …

The series of intentions is usually to be:

a) for the needs of the Church;

b) for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world;

c) for those burdened by any kind of difficulty;

d) for the local community.

Nevertheless, in any particular celebration, such as a Confirmation, a Marriage, or at a Funeral, the series of intentions may be concerned more closely with the particular occasion.


You feel that there are certain occasions where we shouldn’t pray for specific intentions? To put a fine point on it, you feel that we should never have occasion to pray for homosexuals?

It seems a rather odd prayer to me.

But perhaps that is what the Mass intention was for that day?

In my opinion, there is a fine line between praying for someone and promoting an agenda. Sometimes something that seems like an innocent prayer is really intended to be a veiled political statement.

When we detect an agenda, should we not pray for those with an agenda?

It IS odd to specifically pray for insert sexual orientation for their work.

“We thank You for our pedophile members that serve so faithfully in our church.”
“We thank You for our members who are attracted to trees that serve so faithfully in our church.”
“We thank You for our Robot loving members that serve so faithfully in our church.”
“We thank You for Lars and His Real Girl who serves so faithfully in our church.”

…??? It’s just so unnecessary.

I could understand such a prayer if it were more like this:

“We pray for our gay and lesbian members as they struggle to uphold God’s will. We pray for all struggling to remain chaste. We pray for all those within our parish who are struggling with sexual temptation.”

:shrug: Just my thoughts.

Also… I find it SO ODD when those with gay or lesbian leanings are spoken of as if they are separate from the rest of us humans. I don’t know… it’s just weird. Why does their sexual orientation make them ‘them’?

No, Not in that type of context. I disagree with your interpretation of the readings of the USSCB. Read my replies again, I will no longer respond to you.

There was no “special” intention that was mentioned that could have related to that.

It seems a little odd to me, but also appropriate.

The prayer was for the gay and lesbian faithful in the Church, and those who are remaining chaste in the face of growing hate and derision (for standing up for their faith and living) need a lot of prayer.

So do those who are not living a life of faith and freedom in Christ.

Get it straight …joice,

To pray for sinners of all categories, yes we pray for them. To use the euphemism “gay” as if it were the political thing to do in the mass…wrong.

Lord we thank you for the contribution of all adulterers in our congregation…

Lord we thank you for the contribution of all fornicators in our congregation…

This is one of those abuses that seem inocuous but in reality packs a subtle nudge of wickedness and snare of Lucifer.

Agree totally.

So, praying for homosexuals during the Prayer Of The Faithful is an abuse and is Satanic?

They weren’t praying FOR them but thanking God FOR them. It’s a different thing entirely.

Great post!

I notice that now your using the standard " homosexual" term. Be that as it may.

During the prayer of the faithful the “group” should not be mentioned as if giving it some status of approval or recognition for being actively homosexual.

Simple enough.

To insist on distinguishing this “group” as the [Gay & Homosexual] whatevers, is wrong.

What’s next- use them as an example to hold up to other groups in the congregation? This congregation is openning up a can of worms that will be very difficult to close in the future if someone doesn’t get this monitoring under control.

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