Unwanted Thoughts

Is doing something that is not necessary that causes unwanted sexual thoughts a sin? By not necessary I mean something that isn’t essential to your life, something that you could do without.

Are you talking about pursuits that put you in situations that tempt you?

I mean like situations where you get sexual thoughts but you are not tempted.

What do you think?

You are way over thinking this. Talk to your pastor about scrupulosity. Find something more constructive to do with your time.

That is way too vague. How would anyone know if you are suffering from scrupulosity or not? If you are, the advice that would be given to a person with a lax or normal conscience can harm you. And I say this as someone who suffers from scruples and it got so bad that I had to seek out a spiritual director. Since working with him, I have gotten better. I could not even think about our Lord for awhile because every time I did, I could only think about my sins (real or not real) and that I might be in mortal sin. And it is impossible to grow closer to God when you get in that state.

You need to talk to a priest about this. On the flip side, how would we know if you do not have a lax conscience and never think anything you do is a sin? A priest needs to determine where you are to give good advice.

Discuss the matter with your confessor.

It it difficult to “advise” about your particular question without knowing more. He can advise you in particular.

Can there be things that one ought to avoid? Sure.

But it can also be the case that there are things that one would not avoid - and even one ought not avoid but do - while ignoring the thoughts if they happen.

Your confessor can advise you directly.

Now that being said …and setting aside the question of if one should or should not avoid this or that thing…

I will re-post a post I posted before about general aspects:

All sorts of thoughts can happen to us out of the blue…

Be they impure etc

The fact that a thought happened to one- does not mean per se there was any sin.

And for mortal sin one needs not only grave matter, full knowledge and deliberate (complete) consent…

Just cause a thought happened to you does not mean there was any sin. Let alone mortal sin.


For the next few moments --try real hard NOT to think of an Apple.

then scroll down.

What did you think of?

An apple.

Even though your will was against it -you did not want to think of an apple.

And the more you fear and try hard not to have them…the more they will likely come and bother you.

Now back to unwanted thoughts…

The best thing to do with such thoughts is not to fight them directly --not fear that they will come—simply do not consent and simply and calmly turn to something else…(or it may be best to keep doing the good thing one is doing…like they come out of the blue when your at work …keep working…keep praying …etc)

Ignore such unwanted thoughts and do not fear them…just turn to something good.

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