Unwelcome Religious Solicitation


Thank you, I think I’ll write them and if they show up again, I’ll try really hard to say no thank you. I know myself though, and even when I plan what to say, it still comes out like “thank you for coming. I appreciate the courage it takes to go door to door, but I’m not interested. I’m fulfilled in my faith.” It’s just not very stern.


Sounds good, but they’d probably follow up and invite me to their church.


Next time ask for multiple copies of their pamphlet so you can put more of that trash in the garbage where it belongs. I bet they wont come back.


Lol. In my old house, a young teen came to the door and I turned the tables on him. He dropped off a note telling me he tried my church and was welcomed and even took part in Christmas Eve mass and loved it. I wish I could do it again, but I thin’ it’s their age. They’re older and no matter what I do, I can’t help but respect my elders.


Hopefully, after you write they should leave you alone. If they do, I would honestly just say “no thank you” and shut the door. Even if they’re speaking, I would shut the door. They’re incredibly persistent, I’m not surprised you find it difficult. They have to be, because they’re told to be. But you don’t have to listen :slight_smile:


They have got to be pretty dense to not get the message after you call their pamphlet trash right in front of them.

I typically don’t let them say a word and just say “i am very happy being Catholic” then shut the door on them.


I’m in Nova Scotia, Canada. I could get a ‘No Soliciting’ sign. I think I’ll combine the sign with a letter to their church. They’re all women between 50 and 80 years old. I don’t think they’re casing my house, since we stand on the deck when they come…even in winter.


I didn’t know that. I thought they were spreading the word out of their own devotion, with nothing to gain. Makes it a little easier to tell them to leave me alone.

I heard they make some sort of points in their organization for delivering those magazines. It’s like a system. So they need people they can talk with. They are like commercial pushers, they need a list of people who they can talk to. Just don’t talk with them and ignore them. If they can’t make contact they will go to someone else where they can.


You could try to convert them to Catholicism. Ask them for their addresses so you can bring them some literature. They might explain that they don’t want people visiting them. Then, at the right moment, you say, I’m the same way.


Good, I think no soliciting works the same in Canada as it does in the US.

That said, I would NOT discount middle-aged/elderly women as potentially casing a house. It is good that you do not let them inside. People use all sorts of tactics to case houses–and it’s never who you’d expect (ie a mid 20’s male).


The situation seems pretty extreme, are you sure you don’t want to seek help of local authorities? My family never let them in, and we always joked about the fact that once you open the door they will immediately get their foot in the door and you are done :rofl: They never bothered us much, though. My grandma always was pretty strict with them. If you already informed them that their actions are harmful, you are free to just ignore their actions.


You always know who they are in England, before they even say anything. Older, well-dressed, always in twos, big smiles, carrying some kind of satchel full of leaflets. There are no other callers who’d fit that description!

Their faith requires them to witness so i appreciate that they are obliged to do this. I’ll always be civil and smile and I’ve never had any problems. I always say “God bless you” to them as they’re walking away.


Interesting story. This is sort of how Catholic Answers started. Karl Keating started making homemade tracts to counteract the tracts being foistered upon him repeatedly.

Maybe ask if they are neighbors, where they live and start returning the favor. If they find that disagreeable, ask how their view reflects the Golden Rule. I would recommend Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth, for general use. They also have some specific Jehovah Witness materials here.


Due to my curmudgeonly disposition I open the door and say, “Wait one minute please”. I grab a bottle of cognac and a cigar then proceed to debate them until either they’re exhausted or my Cognac is gone😁

Actually, I just don’t open the door :sushing_face:


I used to live five doors down from their kingdom hall and before I was Catholic I saw 2 of their services out of sheer curiosity. They are worse than amway recruiters and they nailed the whole we are a religion not a cult but secretly we’re a cult thing. My only advice for getting rid of them is getting a locking fence or next time they show up explain to them that you do want to see anyone from their organization, explain that if they come back you will view it as harassment and trespassing. Since they all come from the same entity it should function as a ban. I would even suggest doing it in writing and mailing it so there is no chance for confusion or claiming they did not know. A served notice if you will.


I ALWAYS welcome them and engage in great discussions on John 6.

If they don’t know their bible, then I reprimand them … usually it’s ex-catholics.


One time I was alone at the park with my child and a JW literally pulled over, parked, and made her family wait in the car while she made me watch some video for teaching children manners. I felt so uncomfortable and cornered. Thank God I’ve always lived in places where door-to-door soliciting is illegal. I second the security cameras and the sign.


I would have called the cops about the children in the car and the harassment. (unless there was an adult in the car with them…then it’s a terrible idea but not illegal)


I’m pretty sure there was an adult. I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again.


Not sure if you’re in the US but you should check with your area…there are some places that now allow you to text the poliece which would be handy in this situation.


My curmudgeonly but devout grandmother handled the JW’s in a particular way. They came a-knocking and she was peeved because she was settling down to tea, and you don’t disrupt her when she’s sat down for tea.

She answered the door, the JW’s ran their script, “oh a lovely magazine, let me see it!” (Nan said)
They handed it to her. She flipped through it and tore it apart. “If you can keep coming through the winter, that’d be nice, I need something for the fire and it’s been hard since my husband died to get a bit of wood.”

They never did come back. Admittedly, one can be more charitable than this, but it does work.

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