Unwelcome Religious Solicitation


The hardly know their bible. I have a little chat when they come to do door - as I do the Mormons and the SDA’s who also come by. Last time I asked them if Israel was important to the faith and they literally had no idea what was going on.


Take their hands when they try to give u handouts and start praying the Haily Holy Queen. If they interrupt u just start over and dont engage…just keep praying. They will leave.


If you own your own home, see about adding a peephole? You don’t have to open the door just because they know you’re home.


We have a statue of the Blessed Virgin on a table outside our front door. DW wants to hook up a holy water nozzle in Mary’s hand to spray them!

Seriously, they will be incessant, a reflection of how the evil one works. This is a chance to learn your faith and deconstruct their arguments. It’s really easy, and the time they spend with you is less time they spend leading others astray.

Take every danged WT and Awake pamphlet you can get - and burn or recycle them. Catholic Answers sells the Essential Catholic Survival Guide. In it are chapters exposing the falsehoods in their beliefs. Also, there is Jason Everts’ Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses, also available right here at CA.

I look forward to their visits, although they seem to arrive less often as of late…


I just flat tell them to leave. I do so in an even non threatening tone or manner, then I close the door. The door gets closed even if they continue flapping their gums or not. Most leave the Watch Tower on my porch which goes in the shredder then to the recycle bin,


If it’s different JWs each time, they probably haven’t met you before. What we did to get them to stop coming around was to file a complaint with the nearest Kingdom Hall. We were put on a list of people not to visit. We’ve had peace ever since.


For the longest time, I couldn’t get them to leave me alone either. And yes, I live in the building next to the Catholic church marked RECTORY.

One day I decided to display a crucifix (yes, a real crucifix with the corups, not a plain cross, not a resurrectifix) in very plain sight on the front door. Not a tiny one, and not too big. About a 12 inch crucifix.

Guess what? They haven’t knocked since.

So either they got the hint or St Michael is looking out for me.

If that still doesn’t work, get some blessed chalk from the priest and at Epiphany time write (or better yet, ask the priest to bless then write) 20 + C + M + B + 18 on the door lintel or the top of the door–and update the 18 every year at Epiphany. That will send them running for the hills!


As was already mentioned before, they get uncomfortable with John 6. They asked me, “Are you some kind of a Bible scholar?” I answered. I AM. The irony was totally lost on them, but they have never been back since.

I hadn’t tried the 20… house blessing thing. Great idea!



I have never ever found them open to actually LISTENING. My experience is their playbook only. But you’re right, if you find a receptive group, by all means…

Blessings, Stephie


A friend of mine, back in his bachelor days, said that being the uncouth person he was, he sometimes answered the door in his underwear. If it was a salesperson, whether they were selling religion or vacuum cleaners, he would open the door and in a gruff and irritated voice, say “WHAT?” Most people just excused themselves and left immediately.

But admittedly, he was never a diplomat.


I’ll have to try that one day.


Put up a sign, “No Solicitors”, then report to the police.


Note: this probably only works if you’re male.

  1. They are often not even well versed in their faith. They are doing it because they are ordered to…not because they are passionate.
  2. We are called to be respectful of other’s beliefs. It is inherently disrespectful to keep approaching someone who has asked to be left alone
  3. As I and others have pointed out, casing is a danger. The idea that old women can’t be tools for criminals is a false notion.


A lot of these tactics are aggressive but JWs are used to it and will keep coming back. Writing to the elders also may not help. I know if a woman from church who has had JWs drive out to her farm; she’s a widow and isn’t comfortable receiving visits from people unannounced, never mind from strangers. She’s an elderly widow but she’s fiesty and she told them, loud and clear, never to come back, they returned; she wrote to the elders, they still came out…not sure what got them to stop but it might have involved cradling a musket.
Like I said they are used to aggressive tactics and your approach has to be scarier than what they will face returning with copies of the Watchtower,or or whatever threatens their salvation, which is why “we are catholic” signs and crucifixes work well with some. If I understood the OP, their health isn’t the best and we know that we’re an easier mark when we aren’t feeling our best. They don’t care.

A combination of tactics might help: No trespassing signs, No soliciting signs, display a crucifix or two, and a spray bottle with water. Hey, it works on cats.


It’s a shameful thing to admit, but I had a huge problem with the JWs coming to my door and nature provided the solution. Wasps were building a nest by my front door, and I did not take it down. Friends and guest always came to the kitchen door. We had to snicker a little when we saw the JWs walked by the living room window, only to turn on their heels and quickly head back.

I would have been mortified had someone been stung, and fortunately that never happened. I hope I never get driven to such desperate measures again.


You have to be tougher, sorry. Just look them straight in the eye, smile and say I am busy right now and shut the door even if they are still talking. Say “God bless” or something like that as the last thing they hear from you. My guess is you will have to do that a few times, maybe more in the future.


In our pastoral area, we are given a sticker every year with that inscription. It’s stuck on our door, but I think the JWs don’t look that high!


A sticker? Did you say a sticker? Please, I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean. A sticker?


What’s wrong with a sticker? I mean, maybe you don’t get the blessing, but the point is stll valid, isn’t it?

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