Unwelcome Religious Solicitation


Oh, dear, I am so sorry you are mercilessly harassed by these people.

The JWs used to proselytize at a commuter bus stop I had to use to go to work. There were several of us waiting so it’s not as if we were cornered, but it wasn’t easy to just walk away. There was a lot of shaking of heads and turning of backs. One day I decided to offer the fellow my daily devotional pamphlet (the Protestant Our Daily Bread). He took it from me, and I took the_Watch Tower_, which of course I bunged into the recycling ASAP. I walked far away from the bus shelter. The guy left; the bus came. I noticed as I boarded that the JW had left my pamphlet on the bench (so of course, I retrieved it).

There is a Kingdom Hall within half a mile of my house. You could tell when missionaries were out casing the neighborhood. Their typical gambit was to bring a child with them. I either would not answer the door (they’d leave their literature anyway), or I’d answer and say I was Lutheran and not interested and just close the door.


I keep Catholic literature on a table near the front door.

Sometimes, I am convinced that JW’s use me to test out their latest trainees.

Sometimes, they put the Catholic literature in my mailbox by the road. But one person tried to push my hand away.



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