Up for a challenge?


Thus thread to the establish a study of the methods satan uses to deceive people and how you can identify his deception from the word of God. And to add the ability of this skill to your armor or the commom protection of the body of christ.

For this study lets us refer to the word of God and refrain from direct atacks on one another and stick with the subject at hand.

So i am going to start the post in this manner. Lets say for a moment i am a pope ( never going to happen ). And I issue a decree that states that “all the apostles of christ are one foundaiton” and “all are equal in standing before God” and “the church” and “not one was more important then the other”.

So the challenge is to produce the word of God that supports this decree thru out the whole new testiment.


You don’t “produce” the Word of God.
Christ spells Christ with uppercase C.


Flawed premise…


Christ didn’t give us the New Testament, He gave us a Pope. And, no, you will NEVER be him.
Incidentally, Christ did tell His apostles that whatsoever they bound on earth would be bound on heaven. That is why our Church’s dogmas and doctrines are the teachings of Christ Himself, protected from fallibility by the Holy Spirit.


You asking if anyone is up for a challenge is a contradiction in terms. In virtually every thread you have started you’ve run away without taking up the challenges from the other posters.
In many cases they were asking very simple questions which you would not answer.
Why would we want to play your stupid games in a thread like this?


You never know. Study hard, eat your vegetables, become a Cardinal… it could happen.

I’m not sure what you’re asking?

Why would you feel it necessary to issue a statement like that?
Are you suggesting that the Church somehow regards some people as less important than others? :confused:

The Church already teaches that we are all brothers and sisters and of equal worth and dignity.

Are you implying that a hierarchical organization by its nature raises some above others?


I agree!


Apparently their not up for the challenge.:wink:


Jesus refered to the apostles as friends in scripture, and treated them as friends and students thru out the the new testiment. I don’t understand the point of this thread. What is it? Is it some kind protestant V Catholic point that I’m missing?



Hi Joseph Smith,

This has been done in many other posts, we’ve consistently shown Scripture to support the doctrines such as Peter’s primacy. Just as you find us wrong for not accepting your interpretation, we find you wrong for not accepting the Church’s authority to teach and the promise of Jesus to protect and guide His Church.

The error in this method is we would require you to prove to us Scripturally the premise of Sola-Scriptura.

There is no challenge except to our core belief in the promises Jesus made to the Church, and that’s not a challenge to prove. It’s not a case of not being up for it, it’s a case of avoiding foolish questions:

Tit 3:9 But avoid foolish questions and genealogies and contentions and strivings about the law. For they are unprofitable and vain.

With love,


Yes. JS does this throughout these forums yet can never seem to intelligently answer the questions posed to him concerning the topics he starts. I suppose he has lots of time on his hands and finds himself very bored. I wish that there was a way we could get him to study the Bible and that which the Catholic Church teaches, but he seems to prefer arguing ridiculous positions rather than learn what it is the Church teaches.


You are usually quite respectful and fair. Have you not seen that JS’s questions have been answered ad nauseum?
Do you not agree that he has failed to actually dialogue since he arrived?


Either that, or the OP’s firmly established reputation in this forum as a died-in-the-wool anti-Catholic has preceded him and nobody here is stupid and/or masochistic enough to go along with such a transparent straw man set up. :cool:


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