Up to 34 MILLION blank 'green cards' and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant 'amnesty'



U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to seek a vendor to produce as many as 34 million blank work permits and ‘green cards’ – the paperwork that authorizes illegal immigrants to live in the United States – as the White House prepares to issue an executive order after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

According to a draft solicitation published online, the government agency will look for a company that can produce a minimum 4 million cards per year for five years, and 9 million in the early stages.


This is ridiculous.

On the other hand - if 34-ish million people are in the US illegally at least knowing where they are and regulating where they might be/work as, could be helpful. I suppose it’s better than ignoring the problem (and somewhat more compassionate than building a big wall and throwing immigrants over it)


Obama or not, this immigration issue is as old as me. It is annoying. I came to this country with my mother legally. We jumped through all the hoops so to speak. As far as I am concerned so can everyone else.

What might make a difference is shutting down the American ran companies that hire those who are in the country illegally. And they know they are doing so because it means cheap labor and big profits. The first to hit would be the big clothiers. If we stopped handing out jobs to those who have no proof that they have the necessary paperwork done to be here we might slow the tide.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally feel for the people who want to come here. But when anyone comes to this country illegally they are losing all the rights they think they are running too. And once here they continue to be oppressed because they can’t exercise those basic rights.

The world is more tightly knit than ever now. The only real answer to all the oppression out there is not running from one country to another. It is turning toward your nation and demanding justice, equality and rights. People need to stop running and start rebelling.

This can be done peacefully, via civil disobedience and refusal to work, purchase goods and various other methods. It does not have to include blood shed. However, it usually lands up that way because when those who are doing the oppressing feel the push back from the people, well they fight dirty and cruelly.


There may be some obstacles, hopefully, to Mr. Obama’s “executive orders”!


I’m sorry if it annoys you that somebody broke the hoops for many of those currently here illegally. Those who had not legal route to get here are not quite a bunch of happy go lucky teenagers just waltzing over the border for the heck of it…


I am all for giving green cards to everyone here who wants to work. I actually lean towards open borders-however I don’t think people who came here illegally should be given a path to citizenship.


My wife did the same. Of course we had the money for immigration lawyers and she was from a “desirable country”-Wales


One needs to realize how difficult it is for employers to know who is illegal and who isn’t. Very good fake ID is available everywhere. Employers are not allowed to look beyond ID that’s valid on its face. So even if they know it’s fake, they can’t question it because it would be “discriminatory”, and is against the law. E-Verify is useless because the good forgers use real social security numbers.

ICE can look behind ID, but anymore it doesn’t, because Obama wants to replace a population he doesn’t like with one he does like.


Its not easy, once you speak to a lot of these people who came, they will tell you it was not that easy. Remember these people have to ask for permission to come here, sometimes their governments deny them that permission. When you are in desperate for a lack of a better word you just want to go.

I agree, citizenship should not be granted. Put them in a 5-10 year probation path. Have them get degrees, 0 tolerance on any crimes, dwi’s or domestic violence. If these things are not met then they should go back.



EDITORIAL: Green cards on the table

President Obama lets slip his scheme for a permanent majority

The White House intended to remain silent about its plans for immigration. Revealing a scheme to open the floodgates of amnesty would be disastrous on the eve of the critical midterm elections. But this is the gang that can’t shoot straight.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Friday threw open the door to as many as 100,000 Haitians, who will now move into the United States without a visa. Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, rightly and accurately denounced enabling Haitians awaiting a U.S. visa to enter the country and legally apply for work permits as “an irresponsible overreach of the executive branch’s authority.”

That was just the beginning. The immigration agency earlier this month had solicited a printer able to handle a “surge” of 9 million green cards “to support possible future immigration-reform initiative requirements.” In an ordinary year, about 1 million green cards are issued, and over the life of this contract the company is expected to produce up to 34 million cards, a figure representing an increase of the population of the United States by 10 percent.

The cards do not come with automatic voter registration, but that’s obviously what the scheme portends. President Obama’s promised “executive actions” to bring about this enormous wave of amnesty constitute a transparent and cynical ploy to expand the Democratic voter base, creating a permanent majority. Republicans running for the House and Senate should demand that Mr. Obama lay his green cards on the table now, before — and not after — the Nov. 4 elections. No other campaign issue carries as much of an impact on the future of the nation.

In economic terms, importing millions of unskilled workers creates competition for the diminishing number of available jobs. Combine a flooded job market with the Democratic proposals for a doubling of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and millions more American citizens will be without a job. Those who do have jobs will pay to provide federal freebies, from Obamaphones to Obamacare, to the formerly illegal aliens now with a green card.

As the recent influx of minor children over the southern border demonstrates, word of amnesty on the way travels fast. Handing green cards to those who cheated the system and entered the country illegally creates an incentive to millions more to follow in their path, collecting as many benefits as possible along the way. It’s a disaster in the making — indeed already here — for public health and national security, straining the welfare state to its limit. >>


Isn’t this insane?:eek:


CS Monitor article examines these claims:



To a point yes. I think there has to be rules to this. I don’t think they should just be handed out, they should put these people on probation for 5-10 years. Any incident with the law gets the person deported.


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