Upcoming Mel Gibson movie on Judah Maccabee

[quote=Deadline.com]SHOCKER! Mel Gibson And Joe Eszterhas To Collaborate On Film Telling Jewish Hero Judah Maccabee Story For Warner Bros

EXCLUSIVE: It’s a project that will have everybody in Hollywood and beyond talking about. I’ve learned that Warner Bros has set up an untitled drama that teams Gibson and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas on the telling of the heroic story of Eszterhas will write the script and I understand that Gibson will collaborate with him. Judah Maccabee, the Jewish warrior who teamed with his father and four brothers to lead the Jewish revolt against the Greek-Syrian armies that had conquered Judea in the second century B.C. Gibson has the first option to direct but will definitely produce the film through his Icon Productions banner. It’s understandable why Warner Bros would want to be back in business with Gibson, who was once a high-profile fixture there and who made a fortune for that studio with the Lethal Weapon series and other films.

Having put some painful personal issues behind him, Gibson is determined to get back to making movies. He has long wanted to make this film about heroic Jews, and it was discussed even when he was under fire after his drunken anti-Semitic rant during a 2006 Malibu arrest. Maccabee’s triumph and struggle against tyranny and oppression where people gave their lives so that others would be free to worship is celebrated by Jews all over the world through Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. This subject matter is a decided departure for the filmmaker famous for directing The Passion of the Christ. But in a way the subject matter is in his wheelhouse: Maccabee is a close cousin to William Wallace, leader of the Scottish rebellion against the British in Braveheart, the film that brought Gibson two Oscars: for Best Picture and Best Director. Gibson last directed Apocalypto about the Mayan civilization and a tribesman who escapes human sacrifice and saves his family. While Gibson has experienced tremendous success as a producer and director, his recent star turn in front of the camera in The Beaver was a box office failure even though it received a rousing ovation at this past Cannes Film Festival.



I don’t see how this is a departure for Gibson. Maccabees has always been one of the books in the Holy Bible after all.

Thought I heard a rumor about this years back. Plenty of blood to be shed in telling this story, that’s for sure.

I love Maccabees! It is a great story. I can’t wait to see it.

I haven’t paid to go see a movie in years, but I would buy a ticket and go see this one!

I want to see this movie.

I want to see this as well. He’s a great director.

Maccabees are great books and important to some Jews. It was lengthy to read.

Maccabees I believe is a tribe of Judah, not positive but I believe so.

How interesting that in modern day Israel, some of the soccer teams, some from even prior to World War I are called Maccabi, Maccabi Tel Aviv is one: soccerway.com/teams/israel/maccabi-tel-aviv-fc/ I just post that to show the relevancy, it must be important culturally.

I thought at one point, Mel Gibson was going to direct a movie on Fatima. I guess he decided not to go ahead with that project.

I hope this is true! I would want to see this movie and I am sure it will be excellent!:thumbsup:

You may be thinking of Manasseh. I too would enjoy such a movie.

i’ve always been a fan of Mel Gibson and i have really been disappointed to see some of the scandals he has had the past 5 years of so.
i think it would be a great movie and i will look forward to hearing more news about the movie as far as casting, etc.
if he would make a movie about Fatima, i think that would be great too!
Mel Gibson is very talented as a director and actor.

If one does a web search on “Mel Gibson movie on Fatima”, there are quite a few confirmations that this idea did make the rounds cerca 2005.

It certainly is true, we all need to watch our behavior.

Mel Gibson is a good Australian Catholic.

Well, an Australian Catholic.

Well, an Australian.


Mel Gibson once was…

I don’t think Gibson directing an historical epic is at shocking. Perhaps the surprise is that he has been successful in finding support for this new project. His life really went off the rails for awhile, and I think that made him persona non grata in Hollywood.

The choice of Maccabees is an interesting one. Focusing on heroic Jews may help him to overcome some of the anti-Semitic stigma which has surrounded him. And 2 Maccabees features traditionalist Jews fighting against the corrupting influence of foreign culture in order to preserve their religion and identity. He might see parallels in this story with his own theological and cultural outlook.

“Mel Gibson doesn’t need your judgment, he needs your prayers,” - Jim Caviezel, guardian.co.uk/film/2011/may/03/jim-caviezel-passion-of-the-christ

Good take and an interesting article. We don’t see Jim Caviezel in too many other movies since then as the articles states.

I don’t really agree with the analysis as a whole, but some would assert a case could be made that some Mel Gibson movies do not portray some groups of people well. For example some would say ‘Braveheart’ and ‘The Patriot’ as well are negative towards the English.

Still, could Mel Gibson come under some sort of attack from evil spirits for the work he has done? I don’t know. There are certainly some basic rules of conduct we all need to follow for what I have read about him. Some of it however could be gossip.

Yes, he did throw this up as one possible topic for a movie years ago - might have even been his big primetime interview before Passion of the Christ came out - with Diane Sawyer, if I recall.

Maybe MEl can have the greeks wear Red Coats.

I don’t remember exactly when I heard it, but heard it I did in 2004.

Googling “mel gibson” +maccabees] turns up this link.

This sounds like it could be interesting. What do y’all think? Is this a subject you’d be interested in seeing in a film? Or do you think it’s just simply Gibson trying to “atone” for his past rants against the Jews?


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