Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies

"It could be a combination of 19th-century mechanics, 21st-century technology — and a 20th-century horror movie.

A Maryland company under contract to the Pentagon is working on a steam-powered robot that would fuel itself by gobbling up whatever organic material it can find — grass, wood, old furniture, even dead bodies."

And what would be the difference between live and dead bodies? I can hear it now, “FEED ON HIS FLESH!”


OK, I am going to extend this scenario. What prevents them from being modified to attack live people thus killing them and then feeding on them. Could be the ultimate urban nightmare perpetual attack vehicle.

I hate it how the media overhypes stuff.

The robot is going to feed on organic material. That’s fine with me.

Whoa… so basically this thing is not even a weapon but just a simple platform that could have various military units built on it like gunships and stuff? Cool… in a scary kind of way. O.O;; It reminds me of the Meat Wagon from Warcraft III.

I’d hate to see the ‘modes’ and ‘forms’ this thing would take.

And what are you made of? Metal? What are soldiers made of? Plastic? :rolleyes:

And what are you made of? Metal? What are soldiers made of? Plastic?

You can feed on organic material. Do you eat dead bodies?

Nice attempt at analogy but we all know that the human body has different reactions when consuming certain materials (organic or not). Machines like this are indiscriminate (first off, they don’t have a sense of taste).

We are body and soul. The soul is where we get our morals from. I don’t think the machine has a soul. I could be wrong on this.

(…on a steam-powered robot that would fuel itself by gobbling up whatever organic material it can find — grass, wood, old furniture, even dead bodies.)

Maybe this is the alternative energy is what we have been looking for, wonder if this technology will work in cars? :rolleyes: Think of the possibilties…

Soylent Green could be the name of this new wonder fuel… and could be used for machine, man and beast…

Science fiction horror has again come full cricle…

:signofcross:Lord have mercy.

Now if we could get it to urinate gasoline we’d be set.

Yes-last night I feasted on the dead bodies of a cow and a pig. At lunch i feasted on the dead body of a chicken.

When I saw a thread about a machine that fed on dead bodies my first reaction was it was a thread about the Democrat party.


Chicago or Detroit voters?


Why yes, I had a dead chicken earlier today :wink:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


Come on, if they had technology like this, they would make a fortune replacing the gasoline engine. But perhaps they’re using the government contract to fund their idea to a practical level.:shrug:

I wonder if the clue wasn’t how it could “also” use traditional fuels like gasoline. Meaning, that’s what it uses 99.9% of the time, but everyone’s going to focus on the .1%?

I visited a “green” house a few years ago which supposedly got it’s electricity from solar panels storing to a few car batteries. There was also a gasoline powered generator to help when necessary. Well, since the solar panel had a crack in it and was placed in the woods with maybe an hour’s worth of sunlight, I bet they used a lot of back-up. But the public appear to think it is a magnificent idea that everyone should copy.

Charming. It’s comforting to know that our war-dead could be cannibalized by their own weapons. :eek:

Wow! :whacky: This is just TOO cool! Where is George Romero when you need him?

:idea: “Zombie killer robots controlled by the US Military”

Sorry, gotta go – Gotta get a story treatment written up and submitted to the SyFy (nee SciFi) Channel’s Saturday Night of Horror. :yyeess: Or maybe I should ask around about this idea … can I pick your brain for a minute? … just asking…

Sorry ghoals;) military.com/news/article/flesheating-war-bots-company-says-no.html?col=1186032310810


[size=2]Flesh-eating War-bots? Company Says no


July 17, 2009 The Pentagon has shown it has a great appetite for drones and robots – everything from missile-firing UAVs to prototype patrol-bots guarding air base perimeters.

But a Maryland company working on a program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has the idea of giving the robots their own appetites, letting them feed on biomass as a means of fueling themselves.
But as the image of flesh-eating drones refueling off the battlefield dead has spread in recent days, Cyclone Power Technologies of Florida, the company developing the robot’s engine, has issued a statement about the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot’s – aka EATR – diet:
It is vegetarian, the company said in a press statement released Thursday, in response to stories with headlines such as “Dawn of the corpse-eating robots?” and “Pentagon contracts company for flesh-eating robots.”


Awww… it’s vegetarian? What a shame… I know I said it was scary but it really did sound cool. :frowning:

There goes my fantasy scenario of my fictional self-insert hurling a magic fireball at such a thing. It would’ve made a killer boss monster (or maybe gasps a Michael Bay-style Transformer :eek:).

personally I think vegetarians are very, very scary:bigyikes:

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