Upcoming PBS board vote could disaffiliate stations with Mass for shut-ins (CNA)

Arlington, Va., May 21, 2009 / 06:17 am (CNA).- The network board of PBS in June will vote on whether to pull affiliate status from stations that broadcast “sectarian” programming, a decision which could affect broadcasts of Mass for shut-ins and other religious programming. feedads.g.doubleclick.net/~a/RUQZ1XKgeYRacm3-hxmT0BHCK-U/0/di


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So much for local autonomy.
This can only hurt the stations that do carry the Mass as I imagine that has helped build their base and pulling it will create ill-will.
Of course, I’m sure a religious affairs program with a Unitarian minister, a dissident priest and a Reform rabbi would be quite within the guidelines.

Our tax dollars at work! Whenever the republicans have tried to de-fund PBS they have be absolutely trashed-every time.

The concern is valid, but seems likely to come to nothing:

Jan McNamara, director of corporate communications for PBS, said the Station Services Committee of the PBS board is reviewing policies for its members, specifically the mandate that stations must provide a nonsectarian, nonpolitical and noncommercial educational service.

McNamara said it is unclear whether a station could lose its PBS affiliation because of religious programming.

But she noted the PBS board is made up mostly of member stations’ general managers, who understand how stations run, so the six to 10 PBS affiliates that run religious broadcasts may not be at serious risk of losing affiliation.


arpund here, the only good things on pbs are *sesame street *and austin city imits. and those are kinda iffy these days.

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