Upcoming Retreats for the Nashville Dominicans


If you’re in the following States:


Please make this next link go viral:


BTW, the Sisters know about our site for them.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


“Nashies?” With all due respect, those of us who live in Nashville are Nashvillians.


“Nashies” is an affectionate nickname for the Nashville Dominicans. Someone on another public forum coined the phrase. No offense intended.


@Cloisters Sisters or Brothers/Fathers?




I can’t answer for the other person, but I reserve the right to use the term in private. Again, no offense was intended.


:frowning: bummer :frowning:


@Maximilian75 in which state do you live? That would determine which link to the Fathers I post.


Ohio, the Buckeye State

(stupid 10 characters)


I happen to have a lot of friends in the Nashville area, and discerned with the sisters at one time. Please return to the original post, as I have corrected it. Now, let us please move on from what I consider to be an over-reaction.


That’s the Eastern Province of St. Joseph.


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