UPDATE: In narrow vote, plastic grocery bags will be banned in California




probably a good idea. Those things are everywhere now


It’s worked really well in Ireland. People just started bringing reusable bags shopping with them.


In a way it makes sense to ban plastic bags but in other way it doesn’t. After all, they could simply mandate the recycling of them.


Glad they’ve got their priorities straight.


So does that mean that Californians are going to have to buy their pot in hemp/cloth bags or are plastic baggies for pot exempt?


I’ll be growing my own.


Inane. Always talking about jobs, but what about the businesses manufacturing them?

Using plastic bags is not a sin. If it were a business engaged in pornography, prostitution, the manufacture of contraceptives, then who cares if they get banned.


They are not banned here; if you want them, you have to pay 15 cents and eg fishmongers and butchers and vegetable sellers are exempt.

Lovely to see though many of the big clothing shops using sturdy paper carriers

It went well for a while then started creeping back and many of the reusable bags are plastic now.

Boxes are grand…


They’ll still be available for .10 a bag.


same as here… they are the flimsy ones.


Well in the bigger areas like Sacramento, the Bay Area, and others, the bags are the same quality. They’re just 10 cents each. I’ve got me a few Trader Joe’s burlap bags that I carry just in case.


Everything is cyclical. Plastic bags came about as the solution to paper bags that were supposedly using up all our trees. Now we’ve gotten used to those little bags, and they are handy for a lot of reuses at home. I’ve even taken ones that haven’t torn back to the store for reuse, which can confuse the checkers as they take time to hang them on the little carousel. Hard to find the perfect solution and even harder to force people to change their habits.


This will be good news for cockroaches. For the most part when cockroaches invade our kitchens, they arrive in the folds of a paper grocery bag. Food markets are a natural draw for cockroaches, and they battle them daily.

But on the other hand, people shouldn’t worry too much about the loss of trees used in making the paper bags. There is a lot of “junk wood” in this country that has no other good use than to make paper.


You remind me of my mother-in-law. She made us burn each and every cardboard box in which we brought grocery from town to the ranch. Smart she was. No such bugs around.
Now we mostly use reusable bags,which I personally leave in the car so as not to forget to bring them down at the supermarket.


And yet between a kid on my hip and a purse on the other arm, I still manage to forget them. I’m in the process of training him to carry them in…


Haha so do I!!
So I go with the cart to the car and do the loading there. :shrug: :slight_smile:


We have a trunk full of Walmart and Publix reusable bags we bought…and we always forget to take them into the store with us…


We have a trunk full of Walmart and Publix reusable bags we bought…and we always forget to take them into the store with us…

Well,glad to hear we are human!! Haha.


When/If plastic bags end up in the ocean, they can look like a jellyfish…an animal ingests the bag and can die.

I use reusable bags at the grocery store…i almost never get plastic at other stores (use reusable as much as possible) and if I do, I usually donate the majority of the clean ones to my parish’s thrift shop. If they get torn, I do toss them.

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