Update: inability to access confession

I was worried that I was in a state of mortal sin, so I ended up calling my parish to see if I can access confesson (FYI: I’m disabled and unable to use transportation to get to church since they are inaccessible, plus I’m avoiding getting infected with COVID-19).

And the result is this:

  • The priest will not see me unless my health is in grave danger
  • The priest will not take personal confessions nor come to my home to do it
  • The priest will not administer Eucharist at home
  • The priest will not take personal confessions but take public confessions at church, which I am unable to attend.

As my disability is capable of fluctuating in severity, I’m worried that I will suddenly die and end up in hell. I’ve already made a perfect act of contrition and I’m waiting until the COVID-19 cases slow down. I’m wearing a scapular since I am already enrolled, and I’m taking care of my health as much as I can.

What would you advise me to do in this time of spiritual darkness?


Continue praying and stay on top of your health. Since you already made an act of contrition, you have until you are ABLE to see a priest again for confession until that no longer substitutes for confession. If you have done everything right as far as I can tell. I will be praying for you and your health and I commend you for taking the steps you have already taken because many would not.

We must repent and be prepared. Attending the Holy Mass online and praying the rosary can also help. Let’s ask God’s mercy and understand, especially during the pandemic. There’s no priest that’s ready to administer unless you’re in grave condition, they can’t deliver Eucharist at home, nor they can give private confessions.

We can try to repent and at the same time, help to prevent the spread of the disease. Don’t think that you’ll end up in hell, sister, you’re a good person. For sure, God really understands all of us and the reasons that we have because He’s a human too. Remember the best memories of life and the gifts that were given by God. Think of the positive things and remember that God is always here for us. Maybe, you could try to do some charitable activities, sister. Or rather offer prayers for all the world if you’re afraid to be infected.

We’ll pray for you, sister! God bless you always!

Do you really think Merciful God, your Loving Father, is going to send a person to Hell who has repented, made an act of perfect contrition and is praying and has made their best effort to go to confession? God does not send repentant souls to Hell just because they can’t go to confession through no fault of their own. God doesn’t say, “Well, even though you were repentant, the priest didn’t make it in time before you passed out or died, so you didn’t get to confess, so sorry, your repentance doesn’t count, off to Hell with you now.”

Please, take a step back and be reasonable about this. Trust in Jesus. Pray, hope and don’t worry.



Thank you. I am more at peace now and I trust in the Lord.

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I would advise you to call the diocese and ask to speak to the vicar if clergy and then tell him what you’ve told us and ask for his help in advising the priest it is his duty to visit the home bound and disabled for confession and Eucharist.

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Apparently he knows that it’s his duty, but it’s due to the risk of infection that he’s refusing personal confession. I think his diocese told him to do that…:frowning:

I’m not sure what you mean by “personal confession” but I would have thought that suitable arrangements could be made to safely accommodate your need. Still, if you can’t receive the sacrament this might help:

Where the individual faithful find themselves in the painful impossibility of receiving sacramental absolution, it should be remembered that perfect contrition, coming from the love of God, beloved above all things, expressed by a sincere request for forgiveness… and the firm resolution to have recourse, as soon as possible, to sacramental confession, obtains forgiveness of sins, even mortal ones

Note from the Apostolic Penitentiary on the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the current pandemic.

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