Update: infidelity


Yesterday I spoke with a priest. He said I had grounds for annulment and I could nullify the matrimony at any time, even if I take him back and he screws up again. That lifts a great weight off my shoulders because now I feel I can make a choice one way or another without the pressure of obligation. He strongly suggested marriage, as well as individual, counselling. I told my husband about it and he agreed to seek individual counselling also.

I started the Love Dare (from the movie Fireproof) today, but the more I’m reading the more I realize I should do it for myself. Today’s dare is patience. I have not been patient with myself and my healing. I’ve been too anxious to get over it, I think I’m hindering progress. So for today, I will have patience with myself as well as my husband.

Please pray for us, and for me that I may find strength to heal.


Precious child of God, you have been hurt, of course you need time to heal. Go directly to the Divine Physician who is true comfort and true healing. I will be praying for you.

Peace and Blessings,


Mega congratulations to you for sticking with the Love Dare.

Your a very noble person.

God Bless you.


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