Update: Little Olga


Olga seems to be doing better than most babies in her condition. The doctors are considering sending her home after a surgery that will artificially enable her to breathe. Her parents might get to hold her for a while at their home! Thank you for your prayers!

Please, pray also for the conversion of Olga’s parents. Before this happened, they weren’t practicing at all and I don’t believe they had even planned to have the child baptized. But now, they baptized her and I hope this could be part of God’s plan to reunite the family in Heaven. :slight_smile:


Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of Olga. May she be instrumental in the conversion of her parents. Shine Your light through, so that all who see her, see You. In Jesus name we pray.


This is the little Olga suffering from NKH, mentioned in this thread:



Maybe she was sent to them the way? I hope so. Praying for them


Little Olga is still in my prayers. :signofcross:


Prayers for this child’s continued health and recovery if at all possible. May the family find peace and comfort.


Praying :crossrc:


I will pray for these intentions.




:gopray: I will keep Olga and her family in my prayers. :gopray:


Still praying for this sweet baby.

Thanks for the update.


Thank you for the update! I was thinking about little Olga and her family. Still praying! :gopray:


Giving thanks for Graces already received and keeping little Olga in prayer along with her parents…Blessings - Barb


Olga and her family are in my heart and prayers!




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