Update on dating relationship


So I sent my spiritual director an e-mail, asking his advise on the relaionship between me and my girlfriend, how we have a lack of communication. He said he didn’t know what a Wiccan was, so I explained it. And now I wait for a reply. Whatever God wills, let it be!


Your girlfriend is a Wiccan? I think God has already let his will be known on this matter.

2 Cor 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?


With all due respect, is someone who “didn’t know what a Wiccan was” qualified to be a spiritual director? I assume your spiritual director is not a priest.


Update the Third: Father said I can date and marry my girlfriend if I intend to convert her - which I do! I want to point her to Jesus :slight_smile:


I’m totally speechless that a priest would give this advice.


I’m not sure I would agree with that. I would think that it works only if SHE wanted to convert, not whether YOU want to convert her. If she converted for YOU, and not for GOD, it wouldn’t be right. You know what I mean?


I understand. I am not forcing her to convert. I only intend to convert - that means, I will be a good example, I will pray for her conversion, etc. Whether or not she responds to the gace of conversion is not in my power: I trust in God for that!


You are knowingly dating a witch??


Print this verse out and read it every day.

Pray for this lost young woman, but, do not get romantically entangled. Missionary dating is never a good idea.


Hey bro, as someone who is in the proccess of conversion, I would say that helping her to the true church is a great thing! However, though I am fairly new to the Catholic religion, even I know that dating a witch…really isn’t the greatest thing to do. Not saying that she’s a bad person or anything, but it’s the pricable of the matter.

Anyway, I see that your heart is in the right place…so hopefully everything works out.


I’m a little confused about what you and your girl friend have in common. Obviously it’s not religious beliefs. Have you been ignoring that part of the relationship or what. I’m a little confused how you would hook up with a witch if you are a catholic. It’s true that Jesus associated with some lower parts of society but I don’t recall him developing a personal relationship with any Baal worshipers or anything. Remember that God is a jealous God. If you are continuing this relationship in the hope of converting her from what she is now I think you might be fooling yourselve.


Ok you’re dating her with an intention of converting her… how do you know she’s not doing the same? And how does she feel about your desire to convert her? How would you feel if you knew she continued dating you so that she can convert you?
And about your spiritual director… did he/she tell you the pitfalls waiting for mixed marriages? Advised you how to prepare for them?


God works in mysterious ways, brother. God bless you and your lady.


As someone who was once Wiccan, I will tell you:

  1. It can happen.
  2. It took me 20 years, and a trip through Scientology, Buddhism, and 4 Protestant denominations.

Hopefully your influence will improve the odds. I will pray for the two of you. :slight_smile:


If you feel you must keep dating her at this time remember if you begin to feel any curiosity or attraction to learning more about Wicca, get away from her fast. Stay closer to Jesus than ever in your prayer life. Remember too since you have no intention of being converted by her if she feels the same regarding her belief in Wicca that this relationship can never deepen,is going to be a waste of time and a dead end because you will not be able to be comfortable with her Wiccan lifestyle.


My dear friend

You’ve had poor advice. Wicca is a branch or a part of the church of satan. Wiccans use satanic love spells my friend. You must watch out because she’s probably messing with you. Be warned my friend. I’ll pray for you.

God bless you friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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