Update on "Doing What's Right"


Hi Everyone,

I had actually forgotten about this thread I started a few years ago. Since so much has happened I thought I would give you guys an update.

Last I left off (post # 9) my mom and step-dad were close to getting their divorce. My step-dad finally softened towards the idea and definitely didn’t want to lose my mom after 24 years of marriage. Needless to say, they finally both got their annulments and got their marriage convalidated in the Church. The annulment process took about a year to accomplish. During this time they lived celibate and actually began a “courtship” of sorts. Since they married fairly quickly when they were younger the courtship was very nice for them both.

After the marriage was convalidated my stepfather watched EWTN a lot, especially the show “The Journey Home”. Little by little he began to see the truth that the Catholic Church is. I must add that during this time (of my stepfather’s conversion) my mom didn’t pressure him. She was there if he had questions but never brought it up and simply tried to live by example. This was very hard for her, sometimes she would just want to grab him and shake him and say, “Wake up!!” But she was patient and it payed off.

Last year he received first communion and was confirmed in the Church during a private ceremony. This was nothing short of a miracle, literally. This is someone who had been a Protestant their whole life (60 years), never knowing anything else, extremely fearful of change, etc. God touched upon his soul in such a way that still leaves me speechless.

Right now my mom and stepfather are in Denver taking care of my grandmother who is dying of emphysema and congestive heart failure. Since they have been there they have became members of a wonderful parish and have joined the RCIA program there to deepen their knowledge and faith together.

I know that some of you here prayed for them and I of course prayed daily. Our prayers were answered. Thank you for all the prayers and I hope this update has put a smile on your faces. :slight_smile:



Lorrie, that is a heartwarming story!! :thumbsup:

I’m sure God will have many blessings for two people who are following His way…


thank you Lorrie for the update.


Well, that’s just wonderful.


What wonderful news and what a blessing and an example your family has given us–thank you, Lorrie!


Lorrie, this is SO moving; thank you for the update. God bless them!


Just read both threads. How beautiful! How incredible God is!




Praying for more


What a wonderful story!

Giving thanks!
Deo Gratius!
Thy Great Love, Oh Lord
is without end


Thanks for the update thats awesome news.


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