Update on Gwendolyn


The county gave Gwendolyn’s owner a last-minute (literally) stay. The zoning board has been notified of her appeal, and the county said they will leave Gwendolyn alone, pending the hearing.

We still have a way to go–the appeal could be rejected anyway, but this is a great start to answering our prayers! Thank you all so much!

I’ll post again when I find out the hearing date. Please continue to pray that hearts will be touched with compassion and mercy for Gwen and her owner.



Jesus please grant many blessings to Miz. She has lost the two who were dearest to her heart. Please give her Your comfort, and loving companionship for her life.
She is concerned regarding another’s twenty year old pet, and the pain of this other woman’s potential loss of the creature that has been her companion for so long.

Have mercy on these women dear Jesus. Grant them love and protection in all their needs.


MiserysFence, I am hopeful that things are turning for the better, after reading your post here. Praying for your intentions....


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