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well I am not even sure how to pray about this, but we found out that the Human Resource Officer in my husband’s office is the one who was responsible for him losing his position and taking the $800+ paycut that has ruined us financially…and while we cannot prove this there is good reason to believe it is because we are Catholic and this man has a problem with the sex abuse scandal. He is too careful to risk his own job by being obvious, but it all goes back to the office Christmas party and a conversation I was having with another wife concerning religion (in general) that was overheard by his wife. She had an attitude because I was wearing my crucifix, making a comment about the corpus being ‘creepy’ and how she did not understand many ‘Catholic’ cultural ‘traditions’ (saying the words like they were dirty words–to which I did not engage because I thot it was inappropriate), and her husband made a comment that he deliberately made within my hearing about a gift exchange where he really put down the idea of giving coffee mugs from the Dollar Store (which is what we did, along with a pound of Starbuck’s coffee and a lovely card for each and EVERYONE in the office-which was more than anyone else did!) Also they brought their young son with them, which I had no problem with as he was well behaved, but it was supposed to be adults only, and we have no children and so did not actively participate in the conversation about child-raising. The conversation at one point degenerated into discussing ‘poor’ families who have many children and cannot take care of them all and how this world is too dangerous today to trust ‘certain’ people ‘in authority’ to protect the children and so families should not have more than they can take care of. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable sitting across the table from this couple and pretty much ended up talking to their kid all night.
How do I pray for this? My husband has been set back years in his career, and we are thousands of dollars in debt, struggling even for food and gas! How could people be so cruel? Where do we go from here? What do we do now? What do we pray for? I asked my husband for one of this guy’s business cards and I intend to place it ‘on the altar’ with the prayer intentions and light a candle at the Sacred Heart Shrine. But do I pray for conversion? or a change of heart? And this was someone my husband thot of as a friend. We are emotionally hurt too. we have had financial trouble thru the years but this is the lowest and most desperate we have ever been. and he is having a hard time looking for work elsewhere because of this too.
His two immediate supervisors have told him to not speak with ‘anyone else’ in the office but them and he was told that everytime he goes into the office now there are emails going to corporate from this man. He is trying to ruin my husband’s reputation. And this week the supervisors warned my husband not to even come into the office at all because of the stuff going on in Los Angeles apparently putting ‘some people in a bad mood’!
I ask for prayers please and ideas about what to put in my own prayers. Do you think this is a case for intercession by St. Michael? Or maybe some martyrs? St. Joseph? :shrug: :confused:


I am so sorry for all of your troubles.All I can say is that I will be praying for you and your husband, and that God will just take control over the situation.“Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world”


For help when there is no way out… You can always count on our Mother…


Peace and Hope,



I will join in prayer for your situation. We can’t always know the end from where we are in the middle, just have to pray and then trust God that it will eventually all work out for your good.


You know many times in business the enemy has taken away what was mine given to me by God. What I ask for is that the Lord restore what is yours (both you and your husband) both in finance, customers, reputation- whatever and return it to you sevenfold. I also pray for peace to be in your heart, it is hard to accept the situation b/c it sounds as though you think you contributed to it, but you did not. These things were already at work. Good has difficulty surviving the ways of this world and often takes it in the chin. I diverge sorry. I also pray that you would be given guidance to be what your husband needs right now b/c it is prob diff for him too.


I will certainly pray to St. Joseph for your intentions.


St. Rita, patron of desperate causes, please pray for this family…


My prayers for a successful resolution to your difficulties. Is the woman who made the comment about the crucifix Christian? How any Christian could find an accurate depiction of the most important moment in salvation history creepy is beyond me.


Prayers for you and your husband to get through this rough time and may your love of God keep you and embrace you both.


yes she is a ‘born-again’ Protestant (Evangelical probably) and I have heard it before. it is a common Catholic slam here in Falwell-country. it refers to the erroneous concept that certain Protestants have of Catholics ‘crucifying’ Jesus ‘all over again’ every Sunday at Mass and having the Corpus displayed n the Cross.





You and your husband are still in my prayers. :gopray2:


St. Joseph, please pray for Ravyn and Lee.


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