Update on marital problems


To recap…
After being “ill” all winter and spring… sleeping my days and nights away. DH informs me he wants to separate… moves in with a woman that has two kids. She has had an affair with another married man before my dh, at least one that she told him about. Anyway for seven weeks I tried to be strong. I went to a counselor… did my best to give him space and be here for our three kids. Some days were harder than others. He told me he didn’t love me anymore, and hasn’t loved me like a husband should love his wife for some time now.
Well he hates what he put us through… broke off the relationship with this other woman and has now come home :slight_smile:
We’ve been spending a ton of time together! Went on a one night camping trip just the two of us, and have a two night trip planned for later in the month.
Yesterday afternoon, he said he was feeling grouchy, but didn’t know why. As the evening moved on I could tell it was a bit more than grouchy and he seemed depressed. Well that got to me and I ended up bawling my eyes out. We talked and I told him I could only do so much to make him happy that some of whatever was wrong was within him and he needed to get it figured out. He of course can’t/won’t consider talking to an “expert” I think it’s a matcho male ****** thing. Anyway… I thought when he came home it was a “trial” period… he made it more clear to me last night that he’s home to try and make it work/last forever like it should.

Now he isn’t Catholic, divorce seems like an easy option to him. I told him and he knows I don’t agree with this. I need a new commitment from him to feel secure I guess… No I don’t want him to marry me all over again or anything like that. I would like him to put his wedding ring back on… he tried the other night and couldn’t get it on… I’ll suggest we buy a new one, or have that one enlarged.

So far so good. I am so happy! But of course there’s always (maybe/probably) going to be that doubt/wonder if he’ll do it again, up and leave with barely any warning.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support,


You are in my prayers. Your post was short and detailed but I am certain there are many details, hurts, pains and hidden emotions that you are leaving out for lack of space. I am praying that your husband will continue to see what a gift your marriage is and praying that you have the strength and grace to move forward. May God bless you both abundantly.


Thank you… there was another post from earlier that was much more detailed and had much more info, I think it is somewhere on page two now.


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