Update on my co-dependent son


I am imploring that you pray for my 28 year old son whom I had written about a few times on this site and you were all very helpful with your prayers and comments.
He is a pre law student and is currently working in a law office and going to school. He allowed this girl whom he met at school to live with him in a platonic relationship at his apt. He wanted it to be more hoping for it to evolve into a long term relationship. She is engaged but wanted to move in with my son because whe did not care for her fiancee’s mother and she lied to her own mother telling her she was living with her intended husband. My son has been helping her with her homework, giving her expensive gifts -some of which she hinted she would like such as designer bags,sunglasses,etc… she said her boyfriend wouldn’t get them for her . They used to live together but he moved back into his mother’s house and she moved in with my son so they could save money to build their own house. He is very shy and has never really been in a serious relationship with a girl. She is moving out this weekend and my son is devastated. He is so desparate to keep this dysfunctional relationship going that, at times, he says he would rather have a relationship like this than to not have her at all. I ask for your prayers for him. It is difficult for him to function at work and at school . I have given him the name of a counseling service but I believe prayer is the most important tool we have in combatting difficult times and situations.
Thank you for all your help.
Ellen 18


You have my prayers :gopray: , so sorry about your son. Take solace in St. Monica, another mom who struggled with her son for years. God Bless! :console:


I love my dog also and much love and happiness on your wedding. Thank you for responding to my post. Yes, I will continue to pray to St. Monica. Just this past weekend, my husband and I visited St. Augustine since we live in Florida and I got some information on St. Monica. I can see why she is the patroness of mothers and wives.
God bless you.


Ellen, in a way I can relate to how your son may feel. Granted I was 16 when I experianced somthing like this and it was so awful. I my brain knew better, but heart was totally broken but I held on for dear life. I lost weight, cryed all the time, one of my friends even sent me “cheer up” balloons. Incredible support systems are sooo important. I reached a point where I basically said…“God, If you are listening, I just can’t live the rest of my life feeling this way (over a guy), please help, because I can’t” thus begun my conversion, the next day I woke up with new eyes. Shall I say I have not gotten that unglued over a guy since! I started going to church, and made a profession of faith (I’m Baptist born), was Baptised…that was about 9 years ago. Now I am about to start RCIA! God allows us to feel so intensly sometimes, to help us find our way to him, or get closer to him! I have a wonderful mama too, who suffered through my teen years right along with me, and I hope she’s there when Im 70! Hang in there, I will pray for you and your son!


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