Update: Parents raising money NOT to abort child


About a week or so ago, someone on the forums had posted a link to a blog site where a couple was threatening to abort their child if they did not raise $50,000 within three months. I’m sorry, but I unsubscibed to the thread, and I can not find it now. However, I did report the blog site to SNOPES.COM, asking them to investigate it. Here is a link to Snopes investigation:



Good job, Mommy! :smiley: I’m impressed with how fast Snopes.com investigated the website and published their findings. Very neat.


Here’s the link to the other thread mention in the OP:
Has anyone seen this? Sickening.

Thanks for the update!


Thank you, I looked all over, and I couldn’t find it!

I think I’ll post the update on that thread, too, so if anyone is still subscribed, they’ll get the message.


I already posted a link to this thread in that thread too. :wink:


Thank you, and I also just submitted a link to the Snopes site, too.

I also saw someone reported them to the FBi- good for them! I think what these people were doing is terrible - I don’t care what their reasons were.


you’re welcome…
Yeah, I saw that too. However, I wonder if the FBI would or has even looked into it.

There is so many “scams” out there that I wonder if they have the time or resources to search out each and every one of them.

So much of what is out there just takes common sense.
I never would give my money to such a site because there is no way of checking out the “facts”.

For all I know they could just be looking for some quick cash.
There’s no way of checking them out to see if there is really is a pregancy.

God Bless


:frowning: that’s one of the most horrible things I’ve ever read! I really hope it’s not true.


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