Update-Still Discerning (But, Ever Closer)

I am still deciding what vocational role to take on fully. Yet, I know in a matter of less than a couple years (hopefully) I’ll be independent with a real job. Doesn’t sound like much but, for me it means a chance to become Catholic and actually go to vocation retreats, and get a spiritual director.

As many are aware, I am considering becoming a nun but, have expanded it to include the possibility of being a consecrated virgin. I’ve realized both have their pros and cons. For now, I’ve decided on January 1, 2014, due to its relevance as the a feast day of the Virgin Mary, to abide by chastity and celibacy strongly for that year as well as to aime to become more contemplative. I am starting to read more works of various saints including now the works St. Terese of Avila and am considering making a Tumblr Blog dedicated to the journey (It could also hope a spiritual director,etc. later if they can see what was in my head each day).

Any good works I can find online to read? More ideas?

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